Happy Birthday!

Oh my what a fun filled crazy day yesterday was…… all the errands piled up together…..

which meant the littlest girl & I were quick baking daddy a pumpkin cake before we left……


pumpkin cake


a 45 minute drive to pick of FRESH milk…. (we are so excited!)

counting armadillos all the way….

a stop at the Good Will….

a quick trip to pick up a bag full of library books…..

a run into the hobby store for some drawstring cording…..

and then back home to make daddy's favorite soup… 

Coconut Chicken Curry Thai soup with Rice.

Oh it is so yummy…

and then some homemade frosting was made for that cake….

cream cheese & maple syrup…..

which each gypsy kiddo tasted twice….

just to make sure it was perfect.

Next, a pile of homemade cards and a loud happy birthday all for the daddy.


Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet guitar playing man in blue.

We love you!


all my lovelies in one place 


happy birthday daddy!

I love the happy singing faces in this one! 


Good stuff 🙂

Happy Weekending Folks!


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