a bit of the inside…. on the out

Though the journaling e-course is officially over, I am finishing up the last days of it right now. I do love the freedom of a self paced course πŸ˜‰

I have this book full of art and writings and more art and more writings. The other night, I actually sat in my bathroom with the laptop playing The Be Good Tanya's while I wrote and painted…. It really was the only quiet place in the house……

The course is really amazing in so many ways that I just cannot find the words to say it well enough. It has been just what I needed in this moment. To remember the importance of listening to my heart. To find balance in my life. To believe. To create. 

So, today I just wanted to share something I wrote in my journal…….. I plan to reread it on those not so inspiring days to remind me that I just am. And that is good enough. I don't usually share this kind of stuff, but Shannon has really inspired me with her honesty and depth….. she truly is an amazing being…..


a gypsy at 30
A Gypsy at 30


"While I know I am a work in progress, I need to remember I am good enough. I can strive to be better and yet still embrace the beauty in who I am at this moment." ~ Stephinie, The Gypsy Mama

14 thoughts on “a bit of the inside…. on the out

  1. You are a beautiful, amazing, wonderful woman. I love sharing this creative journey with you. And this photo is truly, truly awesome!!! (I’ve added your blog to the list of “reduce clutter; create space” explorers!)


  2. Hi Stephinie! This is such a wonderful post. I’ve enjoyed looking at your links to both the course and to Shannon. Most of all I love your journal entry. It is so poignant,and beautiful. All we have is this moment!!!!!! This is so inspiring.


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