A Craftalong


This craftalong was sent to me by my friend Dotty. I was very excited to see that the projects are from one of our favorite books, The Children's Year. Each month one seasonal project from the book will be chosen by the creator of the craftalong, Anna. Crafters will share a photo of their completed project. I really enjoyed seeing the different colors in the knitting project from January…. we plan to do that next, just for fun :) 

We got our February Potato Printing done this morning…… (it's project 105 in my book)

We used some small cookie cutters to help us with our shapes……. natural watercolors……. the results were very nice and it was a lovely way to start our morning.


making the stamp

potato stamps


stamping hands

little yellow bird


Thank you Anna! This was fun, we look forward to being part of this throughout the year. Anyone else that is interested can head on over here to read more. Happy crafting :)     


6 thoughts on “A Craftalong

  1. What lovely prints. I like the idea of using cookie cutters to make interesting shapes. I use a knife to cut my shapes freehand and if I cut too much then there’s one more potato half for supper. Your technique might cut down on the leftovers.


  2. thanks, the cookie cutters did work well…. and then my kids cold help…. the whole idea of little ones with sharp knives and small potatoes seemed a little unsafe! So they picked out their shape, pushed it in and the mama cut around it….. it was much more fun then I thought! we loved it šŸ™‚ I’d like to try printing fabric next……


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