vintage scale 

  a beat up old scale….. sure to be loved by the homeschooling gypsy kids…..




a colander to fill full of fresh garden goodies………



sangria pitcher 

*finally* found the perfect sangria picture…. now I'm ready for summer…..



cinderella & three bears flip doll 

don't ask…… I just could not leave mama bear…. she had to come home with me….

and yes she is one of those groovy flip dolls….. cinderella lives on the other side…..  



birdies embroidery 

future pillow and friend to "the hoo-hoos"……..



the goods 

I do love treasure hunting.



Hope your weekend has been a lovely one!


18 thoughts on “treasures

  1. Oh my looks like you were shopping in my shed.When the weather gets warmer I will be cleaning out that little room. Will send pictures and you can pick what you want.


  2. I don’t remember having one….. but I love them too…. and someone lovingly stitched it up…. that’s what gets me the most…. I just couldn’t leave it…. I’ve seen the Red Riding Hood one….. LOVE it 🙂


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