The End of a Quest

I keep writing and rewriting this post over and over in my head and on the computer. And no matter what I do, I realize it comes down to these three words.

We are silly.

Joe & I, that is. We are just very silly.

We celebrated our anniversary a few weeks ago and we sat in front of the fireplace and drank wine and laughed and laughed. Oh there have been so many good times. And 13 years later that guy is really, truly still my best friend. And that silliness factor is just so huge for us, because you know, when life gets tough there is nothing like a good laugh.

So I warned you. About our silliness…….

Ever since we were first married my husband has half serious half joked about finding a vintage powder blue leisure suit. But being the sturdy polish man he is, vintage goods are hard to come by. Everything is either too small or far too big. But yesterday, while perusing the local thrift store….. I found a three piece….. powder blue……. leisure suit. In perfect condition. SIX BUCKS. I went through the entire three pieces with an overshopped underfed three year old on my shoulders, bouncing a thrift store stuffed animal on my head. That's dedication right there! FINALLY, in the pocket of the jacket I read this :: 44R. Just the right size. And the vest, well that just put me over the top! We somehow managed to get the suit and the three year old all paid for and out of the store and back home…… I hang the suit up in the kitchen, on the pantry door.

In walks Joe, smiles at me… home from work kiss and then he spots it "That is a leisure suit. A powder blue leisure suit."

I start to laugh. "Do you like it? Try it on!" I say.

And let me tell you, the vintage thrifting fairy must have pulled some strings, because it fits p-e-r-f-e-c-t. 

And yes, he will wear it. To a work Christmas party, or on Halloween…… he will find just the right time to wear it.




This is the stuff memories and good times are made of.

Hope your weekend is full of laughter!

** My Grandma says it isn't really a leisure suit and she's right….. but Joe still looks smashing in all that blue polyester!**


30 thoughts on “The End of a Quest

  1. Heck, he doesn’t need Christmas or anything like that to wear it! He just needs a visit to a friends house! I LOVED it on him! It was sooooooo…..him….LOL I knew it made his whole week when he was talking about his bad week then “and my wife found me this…and it all went away.” That’s so sweet.


  2. Wow!!! Does he look spiffy??? Nice!! Great find!!
    However, a vintage leasure suit , as I remember, is a 1 piece polyster zipper front that you wear leisurely around the house.


  3. Ok, my husband and I are silly too, but doesn’t that make life more of a wonderful adventure?
    Anyhow, THANKS for including Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots on your list. I have a new book, which is crammed with projects; art, cooking, gardening, indoor garbage gardens, nature, etc. and it is called Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars. Though it is billed for Grannies, well, it is for everyone who has children.
    Sending all best wishes and KEEP LAUGHING,
    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  4. aahhhhhhhhhhhhh! love love love it!!! (and that cuuute van too!). i admire your dedication and am so glad you and the suit (and the man) found each other. happy anniversary!


  5. so funny. I literally found almost the same thing on wednesday! It’s brushed denim, but i was so excited…my husband has NO need for it, but i couldn’t just LEAVE it there. Glad I’m not the only silly one 😉


  6. It does make the adventure wonderful, I quite agree.
    I was happy to have your book on my list and I just blogged about it earlier this week. My mom just got the newest book and she is looking forward to enjoying it with the my kids when we visit this summer 🙂


  7. Awesome!! I totally understand not being able to leave it there….. all alone….. in a cold dusty thrift shop….. vintage goods are full of life and stories from the past to those of us who love them!!
    And besides, we all have to be silly once in awhile!


  8. AWESOME! All of it, the suit, the shoes, the van… 🙂 Just love it! And of course the silliness. We are also very silly and I’m really glad to hear that you guys are still silly after 13 years and 4 kids. That’s really great! Happy Anniversary!


  9. It’s that silliness that makes it work…… someone told me once when we were young “keep talking and keep laughing” and you know what? So far that has ben the best advice ever 🙂


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