and the gardening begins…..

Oh those seed catalogs. They get the better of me. I always have this eyes too big for my backyard thing going on. I mean, doesn't everyone want to plant 2 dozen tomatoes? After all how else will I ever can our pasta sauce this summer? And if I want fresh sauce I need onions and basil and………

so the gardening begins….. plans are being drawn up to build a box for each gypsy to have their own small garden…. seeds are planted indoors….. dreams of fresh veggies and fruit are filling our heads… yum yum yum……








gardening girls 



grow little seeds


garden inspiration


Some of my favorite memories as a child were munching on dill and cherry tomatoes and fresh peas in Grandma J's garden. I loved following her around sampling the goodies while she tended to the watering and weeding.

Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots is my all time favorite kid gardening book. I have checked it out from the library each spring for years and I am so glad to finally have a copy in our home library!  I had so wanted to plant the moon garden, but it just won't work in our yard. So I realized we needed to improvise. If we can't have a moon garden, we can still plant those seeds around the yard to coax in the night time creatures. My husband reminded me of the mass amount of pavement in our driveway, which we both loathe, and he suggested we cover it with potted plants. I suggested garden boxes for each gypsy kid. We decided to plant food in every container we have. We splurged on berry bushes. We're going to grow as much food as we can in our little backyard…. our little homestead in suburbia.

That herb Garden above was a Christmas gift from my mom. It is a lovely simple herb garden for the kids to set up nearly on their own. You can buy one from Imagine Childhood. One of the (many) draws of Waldorf education for us is the strong influence on being connected to our food source. I feel such a sense of gratitude towards the food I grow myself. Knowing that little seed from packet to plate makes the salad taste so much better. I think tending their own gardens will help each of my kids feel the same. And they will learn about botany, handwork and their food source in the process. The older two will even be building the boxes themselves! We plan to help as needed, but mostly we plan to stand back, let them plant their garden and watch it grow.


19 thoughts on “and the gardening begins…..

  1. I need to get our seeds planted as well. I kinda wanted to wait until after this weekend do it though..see if that class had any magical
    I can’t wait to get fun stuff out of the garden! We’ll have to tend to each others gardens while we are on our respective vacations.


  2. I think it’s great that you’re teaching your children about gardening! Be sure to use a homemade organic bug spray or buy some pre-made like Safer Brand End All so normal pesticide chemicals don’t enter your food.


  3. How fabulous that you are getting started on this already. I think all of the container gardening is a great idea to stretch your space. I am looking forward to our first garden at this house this year!


  4. So glad you have fond memories of my garden. I do also, and miss not being able to have one were I live.
    It is great for the kids. Happy Gardening.


  5. So far we’ve only done organic gardening…. the whole point for us is for them to be able to eat stuff right out of the garden 🙂 If you know of a good homemade recipe I’d love you to share it!


  6. I just went to a gardening class at an Organic Farm about an hour away and learned SO much….. all about soil and planning…. going back next month to learn about how to plant and take care of everything. There is so much science in all of it, and I have just loved it!


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