No, that wasn't a typo. It's part of this spanish counting song my oldest daughter learned and taught to the littlest daughter. We were lucky to attend a spanish preschool years ago (thanks Emily & Paola) and that song just stuck with the kids. 

My littlest girl loves elephants. I mean LOVES.

She has a big stuffed puppet elephant named Poppy, she came up with the name herself when she was 3. 

She loves poppy. 

She used to bring Poppy e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e we went! 

And I'm noticing her doing far too many big girl things lately. Like bringing a book or her purse when we leave…. instead of a large stuffed elephant. Poor Poppy.

So in hopes of holding on to all the little girl bits I can….. this hat was born. I got the elephant shape from this free ravelry pattern. And the hat pattern is my own knit as you go design….. this hat gave me a ton of trouble… figuring out how to carry yarn and do all this crazy stuff made my perfectionist side scream a little. Which is why it got tossed in the knitting basket….. and then it sat there looking at me for weeks….

But that girl of mine, she's not getting any smaller…… so I had to look that hat square in it's elephant eye and pick it up and rip out the top (again) and finish it. Plop it onto the head of the girl that had been waiting "forever mama" for me to finish it.

Done. (knit up in brown sheep cotton fleece yarn)

Do you think it will stop her from growing up? Or at least slow things down a bit??




And this sweet girl of mine, the very next morning put on all her favorite mama made goodies and I nearly fainted from cuteness.

Just look…..


cuteness overload

See that "studio time" does a mama good in the creative sense. This skirt was sewn up just to work on a pattern I'm trying to create. Panels and twirls and handmade bias trim…… it's a work in progress. It wasn't exactly intended for Miss Seven…. but she somehow managed to get it anyway….. and you know…. that is just where that skirt belonged…..


Sea Pocket



And at the end of me chasing Miss Seven around to photograph the hat…… I think there are about 15 blurry pictures…. she's a wiggly one…… she gave the me the "okay I'm done with your camera" look in true Miss Seven style………




Yes, it's blurry….. but it makes me laugh out loud….. so I thought I'd share πŸ™‚


30 thoughts on “Elephante

  1. I’m so glad you finished the elephant hat! It made me sad sitting it sit there all lonely and stuff. I picked it up nearly every time I went over there.
    I wondered if Miss 7 would get that skirt. I think you made a wonderful decision πŸ™‚
    We miss Miss 7…need to get together this week : )


  2. The stuff that memories are made of–it just shows you how much more they like the things we make vs. buy. Congrats on finishing that cute hat, and the skirt is adorable!


  3. If that elephant hat isn’t the cutest thing. I haven’t known a hat to keep those sweet children from growing but who cares when you have such a hip skirt to wear. That pattern is so cute. She just looks so put together. Very fun. Have a good one.


  4. Super cute hat, love the ensemble. I am especially enjoying the handmade bias tape… I got a simplicity bias tape maker for x-mas, but have not used it yet! I thought it would be nice to have after I made Soph’s doll sleeping bag – packaged bias tape is so rough and ordinary!


  5. Day 2 of making Gypsy’s Mom cry at work.
    I can hardly wait to make fairy houses with her this summer and share all the wonderful tips I’ve learned from reading Sharon Lovejoy’s book, Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars: Grandma’s Bag of Tricks. Thank you for putting that book on your suggested list so that I could be lucky enough to find it. Give my little elephant girl a big hug from Grammy.


  6. OMG! Im gonna have to send you a package soon. Ive got something perfect for Miss 7!
    Uhoh!! Wouldnt be fair of me to just send something to her tho.. Umm any ideas for the other kiddos?


  7. A little time off refreshes the mind.
    Fantastic job on both counts.
    The elephants trunk is even up like it is suppose to be. I wouldn’t mind having one of those hats to wear in our cold mornings.
    Would you believe that there is a street just a block away from me named “Elephante”. Should have purchased a house on that street.
    I can hardly wait to meet Miss Six this summer in Alaska.


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