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Did you hear I won a giveaway?? When I signed up for this Creative Journaling E-Course I immediately emailed my mom and pal Tawnya to see if they'd join. Mom was in…. but my pal… a mama to two young boys and a CPA couldn't. That girl eats, sleeps and dreams taxes this time of year. Bummer.

So as the course ended and Shannon offered a giveaway over on her blog, I entered in hopes to win and give the class to T. You see, the two of us have been sending this journal back and forth for about 3 years now. That journal is full of baby foot prints stamped in ink and letters that are happy and sad. I knew this   course was something she would L-O-V-E. 

And guess what, I WON! (Thank you, thank you Shannon!!!) 

Oh my, do the two of us have a history together. A beautiful crazy history so intertwined no matter the miles between us, and I thought you might like to know a bit about it…. 'cause it's the stories that bring us here anyway, right?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Rewind a little over 13 years ago. (uff-da that makes a girl feel old)


I was a cashier….. a check-out-girl if you will……


Tawnya was my manager. The Head Cashier Boss-Keep-em-in-Line person.


She managed all us not so inspired check out girls that tried to rustle up a bit of enthusiasm while enduring our jobs. If you've never rung up groceries….. you have no idea what you missing. Seriously, I love bagging my own groceries to this day because I know just how I want it done. Don't laugh.


So…. we became pals. We hiked. We laughed. We played board games. We talked about life to come. We did cartwheels. We drank cheap wine. We had huge bonfires. And she introduced me to Joe. 


Skipping over many fun times and even funnier stories and a tearful goodbye between us, we fast forward one year later and she is the Matron of Honor and bestest pal that flew from California to Alaska to attend our wedding. 



steph & tawnya 1998

Steph & Tawnya in Cordova, Alaska ~ 1998



A few years later she follows us out to Cape Cod…… and decides to stick around…. meeting her own future Mr. Right……. we add a few more kids to the Gypsy tribe and move away to Alaska. Another sad goodbye.



the girls on the cape ~ 2001

My little bug (Miss 11) Me and T in Cape Cod ~ 2001



After that comes Tawnya's wedding….. and we ALL, 5 of us at the time, fly from Alaska to Cape Cod to attend. My oldest daughter as one of the flower girls and me as a bridesmaid.



steph & tawnya 2005

after a whole lot of fun dancing at Tawnya's wedding ~ 2005



 tawnya & jade ~ 2005 

Tawnya and Jade (Miss 11) ~ 2005



Then, the best thing ever happens. I get pregnant with the littlest of my bunch and T with her first. Within 6 weeks these little bundles of joy were due. Our friendship took this whole new amazing turn as we were now mamas together. 6000 miles apart…. but that didn't matter. We talked. We emailed. We wrote. She's the kind of friend that can send you the perfect maternity tunic to wear….. that's how good she is. (see below)


  DC ~ pregnant with little bear

Visiting DC ~ Me 7 months pregnant with Mr. Three ~ 2006 



And then the boys came along. Two very spirited strong willed beautiful boys. Oh my do these two ever keep us busy. 


And then the boys met. And the mama bond between us grew even more.



Ted & Luke - 2008

The boys, Ted & Luke, at Tawnya's place in Cape Cod ~ 2008 



Neither of us are phone girls….. so most of our communication is through emails or letters…. our journal we send back and forth a couple of times a year…. I can hear her voice in every word I read from her. She's like a sister I got to choose for myself. And oh yes we've had our share of sisterly disagreements. We know just where those feisty boys of ours get it from.


I love you T 🙂 You really are the bestest ever. I hope you LOVE the class 🙂





23 thoughts on “Me & T

  1. AWW i love this blog!
    Congrats on winning the give away. Even if it was for something lame ( which it isnt. WOOT! ) winning something is always fun 😀
    Your friendship with T sounds amazing. NOt many people have that and you both are very lucky women to have eachother to share your lives with.
    Ive got Gena.. but she’s only 2 miles away LOL!


  2. You mad Gypsy’s Mom cry at work, good job!
    T, you’re going to love the class. I’m not finished yet, but mostly beacuse I tend to spend more than one day on the assignments so that I can get the most out of each one. Have a great time and


  3. OK, first you are STUNNING bride. Seriously.
    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous journey of friendship with us, trust me when I say, I needed to read this today


  4. This is such a beautiful story! How happy I am for the both of you that you have one another. It makes me want to run right over to the phone and call my Annie… a dear old friend! I am so glad that you were able to win this for her. I was excited when I saw your name! SO fun to see the pictures!


  5. Bawling like a baby!!!!
    Steph! You made me cry! What a sweet thing to find on your blog. You’re my best friend, and I love you too! XOXOXOXOX I miss you more than I can ever write in words.
    PS – The hair in these photos tell a story too 🙂


  6. What a great friend you are Stephinie! Something else we have in common..I lived on Cape Cod for a year and then met my husband and moved to San Francisco. Were did you live? I was in Wellfleet.


  7. *blushing* thank you…. glad you enjoyed…. we move so often that I tend to ~finally~ click with someone about the time we move. So when those friendships endure long distance and many years, I have enormous gratitude for them…..


  8. We lived in Falmouth/Mashpee and my friend lives in Hyannis. Down the cape was so much nicer…. less peaople. I love visiting, but I sure don’t miss the summer chaos! My youngest daughter was born there….. delivered by a midwife….. good memories 🙂


  9. Yes, I love the end of the Cape. Its insane in the summer. I wouldnt go back there to visit unless it was the summer or fall. My in-laws have a house in Truro and spend a lot of time there picking beach plums and gardening and being retired folk. I have good memories of Cape Cod too. : ) Kyndale


  10. I am Tawnya’s Nana Pam, and I love the story of your friendship with my granddaughter. She is fortunate to have you in her life, and I hope you remain close forever. Thanks for sharing, Steph!


  11. What a sweet blog, Steph. TK is my niece, and I love her, too. So glad you gals are such good friends… and I’m sure you still will be when you are both my age (65).
    Nana Butch


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