Love You

love tree


Is anyone else a chronic "pile too much stuff on their plate" kind of person?

The last few days heave been like that around here…… juggling appointments, renovations, taxes, getting the post visitor house back in order and more. Last night at about 9 pm the list had f-i-n-a-l-l-y all been checked off. Phew! And I sat down for about an hour to drink tea and read….. ahhhhh……. it was bliss. One whole hour of it…….

Looking back at the last few days I realized that when times get crazy, my creative spirit can get tucked away neatly into a little box and stuffed into the closet. What the heck is that all about? As women and especially as mamas we struggle to keep our own needs as important as others….. all too often we set ours aside. I mean, I have a half finished hat on top of my knitting pile… A HAT my friends! It's been sitting there for over two weeks because every time I go to pick it up I think of all the other things I should be doing…..

So, even though I must admit this post is nothing but an overtired rambling mama who's creative spirit has been greatly fueled by this……. I just want to say to all of you who read the above and think "how familiar"….. this year for Valentine's Day LOVE YOU

Sure you can pass out your handmade expressions of love…… but don't forget YOU.

And don't stop.

Keep it up.

Because deep down, we all know we're happier balanced beings when we are taking care of our families AND finding making time to do something we're passionate about.

And darn it, this weekend I am finishing that hat!


14 thoughts on “Love You

  1. i LOVE this photo!
    you know, heather of shivaya naturals said something similar about her week and i was waving yelling “me too me too” at the computer.
    ditto, crazy week and feel like i am missing what’s going on with online friends.
    but your taxes? started and crossed off the list?
    oh my. all i have done is load turbo tax onto my computer!


  2. Go for it! I hope you finish your hat. I think at some point in time mothers started putting everyone’s needs before them, thinking it would be selfish to do something for themselves first. We’ll we all need to be a little selfish sometimes. Don’t you think?!


  3. Always lots to do as a mama. But like my yoga teacher always says about the heart…It bathes itself in the oxygen rich blood before it sends it around to the other parts of the body. So very hard to do with little ones…Something else my yoga teacher has been talking about is that we can either live by design or by default. No one is going to take care of us. We have to do it. Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to seeing your hat when it’s finished! Love, Kyndale


  4. hey you! love your post and love the energy coming out of you despite how tired you feel. i just got my taxes turned in and i’m spending the whole week relaxing, watching the olympics and eating soup. πŸ™‚ i think i may even pick up my knitting needles! can’t wait to see your hat.


  5. those taxes were staring at me…. I just had to get them over with πŸ™‚ that tree is at a bird estuary near our house… our favorite place to visit… I must admit while I did take the photo, my brother in law is the one that pointed it out…. I love it too πŸ™‚


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