What a busy week. To all you mamas out there with twins (or more!)… I applaud you. It's a wee bit hectic with two very spirited three-ish ones in the house. Not to mention the older three helpful-rile-the-little-ones-up ones in the house too!

But we made it through and had a fabulous visit with my sister in law's family. We hadn't seen them in nearly 5 years. Far too long. And getting together with my used to be little sister-in-law as a now mama to a nearly three year old was so much fun. I only hope we can make it happen again….. soon….

We tried to show them some crazy Louisiana culture……. 

The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans

A Mardi Gras Parade

Avery Island

Even though I'm not a big sports fan, having the the Saints win the Super Bowl with family visiting was really amazing! Where else would you have screaming, horn honking and fireworks after a Super Bowl win?? These southern folks sure love to party! My kids loved hanging out with their little cousin! Oh yes, and of course we ate crawfish πŸ™‚ It really was a busy and fabulous couple of days……….



pretty bird






mardi gras


avery island


my silly girl



I mean, what's more fun than this?? 

Joe & his sister Kate  (sorry Kate, but this picture is just too awesome not to share!)


14 thoughts on “Hello!!

  1. Oh, looks like lots of fun πŸ™‚ Beautiful peacock… I Love it!!!! The crawfish look like a bowl full of cockroaches (eeewwwww)….. we used to catch’em in the creek in Idaho, but they were brown & gray… no consumption involved… Did you eat’em Steph?


  2. I came by via Kyndale’s blog. I do have two very energetic three year old twin boys. So that first line really caught my eye. Thanks for the recognition. I often think it is crazy for them to have a constant companion that is the same age. They really set each other off sometimes, like bedtime.
    Sounds like you had a full week. I live in the metro DC area and just all the get outings a big city has to offer.


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