One Small Change – Recycling

So how did it go? This Recycling business??

We did not find any place to recycle glass in southern Louisiana. Big bummer, but I'm not ready to jump on the plastic bandwagon either, so I'm sticking with the less packaging is better rule of thumb. Keeping plastic to a bare minimum is very important to us. 

So what do we buy in glass?






peanut butter



We DID reduce our garbage by nearly half. (yeah!)

This was only partially due to recycling. After seeing the hassle recycling would be for us….

1. The local bin gets filled with garbage, so we have to drive 45 minutes to really recycle.

2. Glass recycling was not an option.

I remembered a song sung by Jack Johnson my kids sing. Reduce Reuse Recycle. Ahhhh, yes….. the recycling comes last. First Reduce. Then Reuse. Then recycle. Don't even get me going on the possibility of where those recycled items really might end up. It makes me cringe to think they just get dumped, but since that is a huge possibility, it makes those first two "R's" all the more important. Remembering those R's in that order, made our garbage can fill up half as often. Of course this creates one smelly little problem. Kitchen scraps. A problem which will only get worse in the upcoming warm months when the house is a balmy 75-80 degrees. So that leads us to our next One Small Change…… COMPOSTING. More on that tomorrow……..

Back to the glass, a lot of those jars are being reused for storage. We are consciously purchasing jar shapes that can be easily reused. Some are being saved for gift giving next year…. the peanut butter jars in particular are perfect for gifting edible treats to friends. Be it chai tea, peppermint bark or soup mixes. Our olive oil is now being purchased in a huge metal jug that can be recycled. I plan to start buying frozen berries (when we can't pick our own) to make our jam with and mixing up our own ketchup & salad dressings to reduce the glass waste as much as possible. A mindful work in progress.

What about the wine and beer? Well, back in November we started saving the glass bottles and we've decided that we're only drinking our own. Joe's got a chardonnay and syrah in the processs right now, and also a delicious hoppy pale ale of some sort. Not being able to recycle glass was just the kick my dear man needed to get back in to his favorite hobby. Rumor has it there's even an amber in the works for an upcoming wedding. I think Joe's moonshine hobby is going to start taking over every closet in the house before we know it! But those of you who wander this way to visit will be sipping homemade sangria in the sun with oranges and lemons fresh from the backyard. 

Simple living really is better.


14 thoughts on “One Small Change – Recycling

  1. Oh, on this cold, snowy day there is nothing I would like better than sipping sangria in the sun! I think if you are going to lose closet space, that is one worthwhile way to do it! Hooray for composting too!


  2. what a real bummer about being so hard to recycle. We use all of our glass jars too. I have to agree with Jack Johnson (we love that song) that recycling is the last thing we should do. But, the reality for us is that we haven’t figured out how to be completely plastic free, so it’s nice that the stores here offer plastic bag recycling here. I love sangria!!


  3. It’s amazing the south and recycling. We had recycling and then we didn’t and now we do again. Great way to reuse the glass. The sangria sounds wonderful. I look forward to the composting post. I love my composter.Have a good one.


  4. Eben used to make his own wine, and at first I kind of poo-poo’ed the idea, (something about seeing juice fermenting on my counter just didn’t agree with me) but then when the wine was so well received as gifts for relatives, he got free reign of the wine making. For some reason, he didn’t make any when we moved here….hmmmm…
    I do need to share with you our recycling success. We were so inspired with your recycling bins. I was discussing our plan of recycling with our dance teacher in Houma…and she loved the idea and wanted to get on board. So, she started offering bonus merits to her students if they brought in recyclables each week to class. Her husband has a big ol’ flat trailer and we just pitch them in there for him to take to the recycling place. Then, students are given even more bonus merits if they carry some of the bags of recyclables to the bins in Houma for them. The system has been in place for a couple of weeks, and it’s working.
    Thanks for inspiring us to do more 🙂


  5. I must admit, I really don’t mind losing closet space to his hobby. The funny thing is that (much like me) he gets going and wants to try making all these different types of wine & beer….. so that’s how we end up with over 20 gallons of moonshine-a-brewing! They’re made in 5 gallon batches…… so it adds up quick 🙂


  6. We have not figured out completely eliminating plastic either, so I try to focus on at least being able to reduce it as much as possible and reuse the stuff that comes in. I’ll definitely be posting a Sangria recipe here when the first batch of wine is finished up 🙂


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