In his Nest

It's about this time we begin to coax our littles to bed on their own. Somewhere around age three this transition takes place where we begin to leave before the sleep begins. This of course means endless visits in to the living room to say goodnight one more time and get another drink of water and help to go potty again…. and again……

But snuggled up in mama & daddy's bed with a pile of books pretty much does the trick.

First we read. 

Then we sit and breathe for minute – snugly bugs.

Then the mama or daddy gets up and leaves to go about the evening business.

Checking in every so often on the little drifting off to sleep……..

This has worked like a charm with all of our kids.

But this little guy, known for going above and beyond…. 

has pulled out an extra stop.

He needs to build a nest.

This means he needs his pillow and all four of mama & daddy's pillows all around him with his pile of books at his feet. He love this. Adores it. 

This library book has gone to bed with him every night for the past month….. and it's due back. Out of Print. The Grumpus Under the Rug. Any chance one of you has this tucked away somewhere??

Oh my sweet boy, you are a funny one.

with the grumpus

in his nest

14 thoughts on “In his Nest

  1. So very sweet! My little guy builds nests all the time out of blankets and pillows on the living room floor. His newest addition to the routine is jumping out and falling to the floor exclaiming that he is a baby bird learning how to fly… He sure is, every day he is learning how to fly on his own more and more!
    I’ll keep an eye out for that book at our local used book store and thrift shops when I am there! πŸ™‚


  2. It’s those little quirky things that my children do that I try to remind myself that they are finding their own way with a bit of parental reaasurrance, and try not to get too upset. Sometimes, I do…especially if Im tired ir trying to get something done, and just want them to go to bed, without a nest, but they will only be little once and I want to remember the funny things they do.


  3. Thats really cute… maybe I teach Teddy to build a nest… he’s out of our bed, but still needs one of us to fall asleep with… he needs a hand to hold. Its sweet, and endearing, and a real pain when you have things to do πŸ™‚ Luke is SO cute, love the pictures….


  4. He’s made a very fine place for himself. This is such a nice little transition time for him. Done so gently and with a book. It’s too sweet. I will look around my sources and see if I can find the book.


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