The Pirate

so often I see something my kids do and I think "I want to be that" 

with a set of pink wings and a hippie vest and a pirate hat

not caring one bit about anything but being in their own moment

I want to be completely in each of my own moments

completely authentic to my true self

no matter what anyone else's opinion is

even when I mix pink fairy wings with a wicked cool pirate hat…


the coolest pirate i know 


he really is the coolest darn pirate I know!


22 thoughts on “The Pirate

  1. this is just awesome. i will remember this adorable, confident photo and use it as inspiration the next time i want to wear an outfit that doesn’t match…be myself…no matter what!


  2. I totally agree…… They usually don’t want me to “be” part of their game…. but they want me instead to call them by their costume name and make them a tea party…. it always goes this way! Too funny.


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