I had not yet shared with you all the most amazing (and intimidating) Christmas gift from my husband.

A spinning wheel.

A beautiful little travel wheel called Joy, made by Ashford.

She sat for a few weeks…. looked at longingly by me because I really had no idea how to use her! No spinning classes in my neck of the woods were about to help things out either. I did try a bit….. but due to life and my not knowing a darn thing about spinning…… I spun something that resembled a chain of Q-tips.

I should have taken a picture for you.

Then I got an email from Amy letting me know a skein of handspun yarn I requested from her was waiting for me. I told her about my sad spinning wheel story and she said “come on over, I’m not a teacher, but I’ll show you what I know“. 

So I did.

And spinning is just as meditative as knitting. And my oh my is it ever fun to chat with a kindred spirit while you laugh at your mistakes. Thank you Amy!! 

She even gifted me with some hand-dyed fiber… which I have been working on… and it looks something like this……



first handspun


could we just call it art yarn?

So I’ve got one bobbin filled full of gorgeous hues of purple, greens and yellows. It is thick and thin and curly and I am working on loving it just the way it is. There is a whole process that comes after the filling of a bobbin, which I know nothing about….. but I’m sure that will come with time. Right now the few moments here and there that are filled with this spinning are leaving me relaxed and free of tension….. ahhhhhh…. it’s a beautiful thing.

And in the spirit of embracing things for what they are, I was told those lumpy bumpy first spun yarns that aren’t quite “knit-able” are perfect for making dryer balls…. who knew?


20 thoughts on “Spin

  1. That is so exciting! I would love to try spinning someday soon. Your first bobbin looks wonderful, I love those colors. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


  2. Good for you! My hubby gifted me with an Ashford spinning wheel (not Joy, although that would have been appropriate!) for Christmas, but I’m still too intimidated. I’m taking a class at a local yarn shop in Feb though. I’m even more inspired after seeing your spinning!!


  3. It is hard at first….. and intimidating! I hope you enjoy your class…. all it took for me to feel more comfortable was watching a friend spin…. it makes all the difference to see someone else do it!


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