Monday Bites ~ Hummus

I love Hummus.

With garlic.

With Lemon.

With Red Peppers.

With Olives.

Served with fresh hot naan or crunchy vegetables or smeared on homemade bread topped with sprouts and tomatoes and avocado and whatever other vegetable I can find. When I eat hummus I know I am putting good fuel into my body. And when my kids scoop it up with veggies and bread and finish it off with a spoon…. I know they're fueling up on the good stuff too.

But being a family of six we just can't splurge on a 5 dollar plastic container of goodness that *might* last two snack times. So, we needed to make it. This is my favorite basic recipe. It is far superior made with beans you soak & cook yourself, and it's cheaper that way too. Not to mention you don't have a can to toss into the garbage.


Gypsy Family's Favorite Hummus::

2 cups cooked chickpeas/garbanzo beans (or 1  14 ounce can)

3 TBSP sesame tahini (think peanut butter, but made with sesame seeds)

3 TBSP extra virgin olive oil

2-3 TBSP lemon juice

1-2 cloves fresh garlic (the more the spicier!)

sea salt to taste

*puree all the above in your food processor/blender. Add a bit of water if it is too stiff to puree. If you like the creamy stuff at the grocery store add a tablespoon or two of yogurt. I always make the basic batch, take half out for the kids and then spice up the other half for us spice loving hummus people in the house.

Delicious things to add….. 

*kalamata olives

*roasted red peppers

*swap the lemon juice for lime & add a bit of chipotle powder or cumin

*balsamic vinegar

* toasted sesame oil

*fresh herbs, especially basil





26 thoughts on “Monday Bites ~ Hummus

  1. We’ve always made our hummus too….and I haven’t had any in awhile….not to mention that I’ve never tried to make it with dried beans. Off to go find some garbanzo beans. I love it with fresh basil.


  2. Looks yummy! I love hummus and also make my own, so much better that way πŸ™‚ Do you make your own naan bread? I never have and would really like to, please let me know if you have a recipe! Enjoy your hummus deliciousness!


  3. p.s. i never thanked you for the yummy soap! what a nice surprise. i’m embarrassed to say i haven’t started on the yarn yet, still have other projects to finish first…


  4. MMMMMMMM hummus is my friend too. We can share right?!?!?!
    Thanks for the recipe. I’ve never tried to make it, I just get the red pepper variety from athenos.


  5. Oh yum! I haven’t made homemade hummus in a long time. I think I might have to get right on that. Come to think of it, I have a pita bread recipe that I have been wanting to try too. Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. I’ve been wanting a tried-and-true hummus recipe lately too…with our little man progressing into ‘our’ food, i just don’t trust the store-bought kind (of anything!). I tried to make it eons ago and it was not good at all, so thank you from us too!


  7. Perfect first snack food for the little guy…. I agree on the store bought stuff…. we made the majority of our baby food and when the kids were old enough to eat real stuff, it really started changing our habits…. hummus and organic crackers or fresh veggies are so darn good for their little bodies πŸ™‚ Our littlest dips his bunny crackers in it!


  8. Mmm… hummus! It is SO simple to make, and customize, and inhale! We love ours with lots of lemon, light on the garlic, as often as possible. Cucumbers are lovely, and snowy feta divine.


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