this week…..


it's just been a peculiar week….

I do like that word….

I haven't much to say today…. 

so I will just leave you with some photos from the week.

taken with my new camera lens (thank you honey xoxo)




for joe

for Joe


craft hope

in progress :: craft hope


boy in tree

tree climber

    my boy

my boy


off he goes

off he goes…..  



Wishing you a wonderful weekend friends!


16 thoughts on “this week…..

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I am saving up for that lens (with the help of my hubby!) and I am almost there. Just a couple more weeks I think. That last photo is my favorite!


  2. that trail looks so awesome! I’d love to find something like that down here, the swamp scenes are about all that I love about this area lol


  3. Martha’s Vineyard…. πŸ™‚ It’s gone through 3 kids now!! My husband used to take care of all the lighthouses in that area…. we lived on the cape for 4 years (99-03) What a fun experience that was!


  4. lots of little things…. nothing in particular…. just a whole lot of out of sorts stuff….. one of those where you get to the end and look and go “hmmm…. that was interesting”… πŸ™‚


  5. I had been saving up too…. next month was it…. but the hubby surprised me…… I am excited to play with it some more to figure it out… and I’ve got the manual for the camera beside my bed in hopes to figure out some technical things… I never thought I would want to be more then a point and shoot girl… but now I want to know how it all works!


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