Grandma Sal’s Cake

It is the cake I want every birthday.

Joe's Grandma Sal is no longer with us, but this cake still reminds us of her every time it is made. Chocolate & homemade whip cream…… what's not to love!?!

The original recipes was to bake a boxed chocolate cake. You can get them in the Health Food store and they don't have unpronouncable ingredients on the box. I know they have allergy free ones of all kinds too. We make the Chocolate cake from Moosewood Celebrates, it rocks!

Bake your cake, let it cool and slice the 2 layers in half so you have 4 layers.

Use all but 3 TBSP of a pint of heavy whipping cream to make fresh whipped cream. Add cocoa powder and a bit of sugar to taste. Vanilla and chocolate liquor are other good things to add. Frost the cake with this.

Mix the remaining 3 TBSP of heavy cream with about half a cup of chocolate chips. Melt and cool slightly so it is no longer piping hot but still pourable. Pour over the cake top.

Isn't that easy too? Well, unless you bake the cake from scratch like Joe did. It really is my most favorite ever. Especially since this year Joe mixed the chocolate ganache with Godiva Liquor to pour over our pieces…. oh my yumminess!  He was a pretty smart guy to serve this as dessert when he proposed to me πŸ™‚ That was the first time he ever made it, and you know what? It just keeps getting better…..


birthday flowers

Birthday Flowers ~ What a treat :) Best of all, they were hand delivered by an adorable brown haired boy in Captain America Footsie pajamas!



Me, smiling at Mr Three singing me Happy Birthday.

All day he told me it was "our" birthday and yes let him blow out the candle.


the best cake ever

The best cake ever……


from my mama

From my Mama


One hard thing about being away from "home" is being away from my mom. She really is my best friend. And though it certainly isn't about the gifts, I just want to say it is so amazing to open a box of goodies from someone who knows you so well. Each item carefully wrapped in gorgeous fabric. Dark chocolate treats and my favorite coffee.  Danica's Habitat apron & napkins. Some new knitting & sewing books and a lovely necklace. Thanks Mama! I love you! I miss you more πŸ™‚ xoxo ~ me

Just for fun, here is the lovely proverb on my necklace::

May your life be like a wild flower….

Growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.


16 thoughts on “Grandma Sal’s Cake

  1. It’s my favorite cake, too…Sal always had a battered metal cake cover with an wooden acorn handle. i think of that cover when I see that cake. Joe gets credit for the design, though. Hope you had a great day.


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