just thinking…..

mulling over in my brain


a birthday

my birthday

one of those big ones

you know, one that ends in a zero or a five

it seems monumental

and yet it's just another day

inspired by this list

i thought i should make one for myself

did you know i am a list maker?

so here it is

30 before 31

1. grow (more) food in my backyard

2. learn to spin yarn

3. make clothes for myself

4. start composting

5. knit for charity

6. embrace where i am here & now

7. do yoga for myself & with my kids

8. send handwritten notes to those i love

9. get outside   .   every day   .   no matter the weather   .   taking out the garbage does not count.

10. finally organize 10+ years of pictures

11. explore often

12. visit the gulf of mexico 

13. knit a pair of socks

14. take a girls only trip 

15. never pass up an opportunity to make my kids laugh

16. bike walk or jog

17. sing too loud while doing housework

18. create beautiful pottery with this

19. make a quilt

20. write more

21. laugh a lot

22. read more books, specifically farming & homesteading types

23. leave hope notes

24. encourage the young people in my life

25. listen to my heart

26. take better pictures

27. create a family cookbook

28. knit myself a sweater

29. bake yummy treats to share with friends

30. let it go if i don't cross off everything on the list


on our way

On our way with granola and Heather's cranberry bread & cranberry butter, see # 29 


21 thoughts on “just thinking…..

  1. Ugh! We’re getting old. I’ll be the “big” 3-1 this year. You list is wonderful. I need to do a list for myself. Mine would mostly consist of things to do for the wedding though LOL!


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