Spaghetti & Meatballs with BPA?

So who's been reading about all the BPA in canned goods? 

(A fairly unbiased article can be found here.)

We don't use water bottles, rarely buy food packaged in plastic, but now I'm reading it's in the lining of canned foods and even worse, canning supplies.  

So how safe are my organic diced tomatoes? That is the one canned staple food in our house. Eden brand is the only one I can find that might be a better choice. And how can I find some safe canning lids without switching all my jars over to the Weck brand? Though I do love the Weck design 🙂 I emailed Weck to see if their lids would work on your standard jar…. they won't. Bummer.

I'm having trouble filtering through the BPA media…. so if any of you have read anything that left you feeling like there was some sort of solution, I would really appreciate you sharing it here.

Sorry to have such a serious post, but I am curious what you guys are doing about this….. and what you think about it too….. 

Now I am going to ponder the safety of my french press as I read owl books with Miss Seven.


13 thoughts on “Spaghetti & Meatballs with BPA?

  1. Well you know my brain is already there. I have pretty much gotten us down to NO canned veggies (we prefer fresh or frozen..I know frozen has it’s downfalls, but it has to be better than canned). Canned tomatoes is the one thing I haven’t figured out yet. I know we can get tetra packed but I haven’t seen any of those around here.
    I like the looks of those weck jars…but I am canning stupid and doubt I can grow enough to meet my families needs anyway.
    I want to live in a bubble…really…


  2. GAH! I just heard about the tomatoes but had not yet heard about the canning supplies! You mean all that jam and jelly I made last summer is bad for us…
    When will it end?
    When I stop and breathe a minute I remember that I have most likely been flooded with BPA for most of my life and am doing okay. Until we can figure it out, I guess we just do the best we can.
    Not much advice here I guess…


  3. Please don’t apologize for your serious post. I think it’s a great conversation to have. This past year I didn’t can my tomatoes but I froze them. It’s working out just fine. For my jam’s and jellies I also froze them,put some in weck jars, and others in IKEA jars and that’s worked out well too.
    I’m not a canning guru but those were my 2 cents. Take care and have a great day.


  4. Wow, I really appreciate this post. I had NO idea that canned vegetables had BPA. I rarely use them, but like you, I use canned tomatoes. This really has me thinking. Thank you


  5. Bionaturae has jarred tomatoes which are safe, at least I assume they are safe. You can get them at Whole Foods, probably at Amazon too. It is a more expensive product, but in my opinion, worth the expense. I think it is outrageous that so many chemicals are being put into food, secretly. Yuck!
    One other idea, since you are a canner already, is to can your own over the summer. I have found that many of the tomato sellers at the Farmer’s Markets have an “ugly” bin that is much much less expensive than the pretty ones, but perfectly suitable for cutting up and canning.
    Thanks for posting this!


  6. i am with you on this. you know from my no-buying-new post i am trying to sort through all of this. i freak out and then i realize i just have to do the best i can.
    you know, everyone is switching to the stainless steel water bottles, but some brands are coated and leaching and any of them filled with hot coffee or even cold OJ leach chemicals. we use a mix of stainless and BPA/pthalate free plastics.
    can you switch to frozen or jarred tomatoes?
    thanks for bringing up the topic. sigh…


  7. Canning has got to be better, since only the lid is lined instead of the whole jar, right? I think fresh is the best choice…. but who wants to make spaghetti sauce from scratch?!?! Only the white lined lids are “bad”….. but I am still happily eating jam I made 🙂 It is frustrating though…. I guess we just need to keep on keepin’ on.


  8. Frozen tomatoes…. now that is an idea! Did you blanch & peel them first? I’ll have to check out Ikea jars… they may be more affordable then Weck jars….. and I wouldn’t have to pay shipping… thanks for your 2 cents 🙂


  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news….. I hate trying to weigh the risk of eating healthy against feeding my babes chemicals…. sometimes it’s just like wading through murky waters…… and I just wanted to live simply 🙂


  10. I have not seen frozen…. and the jarred tomatoes still have that BPA enamel coating on their lid…. as do home canning lids….. the whole thing is a bit frustrating…. but I’m not going to stop making pasta sauce just yet!


  11. I’ve frozen tomatoes and you don’t have to peel them first. I just wash them and freeze them whole. The you can thaw them when you need them and they pretty much just squeeze out of their skins. They are closer in texture then to crushed tomatoes though and don’t have the chunk of diced. I guess next year I’ll just do more of that and also make sauce ahead of time and freeze it. I like my diced for chili and soups though… I guess then I would just use fresh (out of season) tomatoes…
    This is a good convo to have.


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