that post holiday funk….

So I was reading over at Nicola's and Kyndale's and Julia's and I suddenly realized I was feeling a little post holiday funk myself. 

And yesterday my blue mood must have been showing because the whole day just seemed sour. I swear the kids can sense that stuff and reflect your true inner mood…… so as I mulled things over in my head and sent all my littles off to partake in quiet activities while I baked. Baking resets my soul….. and these cookies are the best. (I am nibbling one with my coffee right now.) 

I began to see a light at the end of my funk tunnel…. 

I don't know if it is the inheritance of my dad's type A personality (the two of us are of the same mold) or all those years spent in compulsory schooling….. but I have finally come to realize I am very goal oriented. And all the new aged reading and crunchy living and homemade granola eating I do is not going to change that. I don't go with the flow, I AM the flow. I work very hard to enjoy the process, but that is not my natural path! So, in my post holiday funkness I realized my goals are all fuzzy right now….

Let me whine explain a bit….. we had been saving money for YEARS to buy a camp/house. I am just getting my feet wet in the waters of teenage parenting and realizing how fleeting life with kids really is…. can someone push the rewind button, please? We just bought our first house. We aren't buying a camp anytime soon. I am still feeling blah about trading our 3 acre rental for a plot in suburbia…. call me an ungrateful brat… I know we just bought our first house….. but darn it I miss that old place! I miss those silly chickens! (just look at the last picture in this post!) So after reading Tonya's post this morning, I realized I needed a goal, a challenge, a something to pull me out of this……

So what's it going to be?? (are you still reading?)

First, to save every extra penny for our future homestead. Maybe it will come in 3 years, maybe 6. But I'll be prepared with enough cash to buy an alpaca and a dozen chickens when the time does come. Oh yeah, and honey, you can buy your tractor.

Second, to get the old sewing machine out and let it live where my girls can use it. With a pile of fabric for them to sew. I will not get mad when they break 4 needles in a row and leave fabric scraps and thread bits all over the floor. I will just let them be.

Third, I will let/encourage my kids to make at least one evening meal a week. I will not offer my cooking expertise, in fact I will sit in the next room with my glass of wine and read or knit while they do the cooking!

Fourth, I was so inspired by Nicola's one year of buying nothing new that I almost considered doing the same. But upon looking at what I buy, I realize a greater task would be to only buy what I need right now. This will of course help the first goal of saving money. Less of those yarn and fabric purchases just because they're pretty. I really want to consider the use and necessity of each item before it comes into my house. This will be good for our budget, our earth and our closet space!

I will go outside more. Spend less time on the computer. Sew. Knit. Garden. Live.

And when I feel disconnected or like I am treading water I can come back to this January 7th post and push my reset button.

If you made it all the way through the ramblings of my mind, thank you. I wish I could share one of Heather's cookies with you, did you know they taste heavenly with pumpkin seeds in them?


17 thoughts on “that post holiday funk….

  1. Oh Stephinie, I can identify with so much of what you have written here. Especially when you said “I AM the flow.” I struggle with and against that daily. (Mainly because my 4 year old boy also thinks that HE is the flow!) And your goal of buying only what you need. That is actually one of the main components to my One Small Change goal for this month. I was going to Target (and other places) so often during the holiday season and making it home with crazy amounts of stuff that we just do not need. It’s really not a good thing at all! So I am right there with you. Less is more right now! I love your goals of letting your children do and be more in your home. I keep thinking that mine are too young for that, but I think I can let go a bit more even though they are small. I’m finding lots of inspiration here today. Maybe I’ll go bake too! 😉


  2. You SO spoke to me with this post. First, thank you for putting into words the not buying anything than what I need. I loved Nicola’s post, but I realized that was just not in our lifestyle right now, especially with running two businesses. I needed to hear the necessity part, and you nailed it on the head for me. Thank you


  3. “I began to see a light at the end of my funk tunnel….”
    This is perfection.
    I loved this. You will get that camp, and the alpaca and chicks and tractor…I just know it.


  4. What a very beautiful and insightful post. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal of buying your first home. So often when I feel discouraged I make myself look at what I have accomplished and take a moment to celebrate. So often we easily cast aside what we have done and look and give importance to what we haven’t done. Celebrate all of your successes!!! I know that’s why you are eating one of my favorite cookies. Ok I’m gone to go make some.


  5. You too??! I hope you’re feeling better. There seems to be so much pressure in the new year to be a completely different, improved version of self. I am quietly working on not spending money on new things in the new year. I would also love an alpaca!! I drive by a farm in the middle of the city that is full of alpaca. I have thought about stopping by to say hi to them 🙂


  6. man, i am sorry i was part of funky-mood spreading, but didn’t this post make you feel better? mine sure did! 🙂
    and this post is fabulous. i am sooooo with you…we were very close to buying property a little over a year ago and the economy tanked and that put us on hold. but soon. soon we will buy something with lots of land to roam and grow and have chickens. for now i am so grateful for employment and health coverage and our little urban spot on the planet.
    i think the goal of bringing nothing un-needed into your home is FABULOUS. my next step is to re-organize, purge, and then….what we do need, i still want to buy used when possible, but it is really too easy to get sucked into other “neat” things at the thrift store when shopping for needs. i’ve gotta stop that!
    thanks for this post. it has helped me be forward thinking!


  7. with remodeling a house, this isn’t where we’re at either 🙂 I mulled this over in my head over and over…. some little change was tugging at my heart, I just had to figure out what it was…. and now I feel like I put myself back on the trail….. it’s a good feeling 🙂


  8. You know if you didn’t live t-h-o-u-s-a-n-d-s of miles away…. and could drink a glass of wine with me….. life would be so much better during my funk times 🙂 Love love love you!


  9. How right you are… a goal so longed far becomes a memory… always looking for the NEXT thing….. I do need to turn around and be proud of all the good that has happened….. there sure is a lot of it 🙂 Cookies and milk with the kids does recharge my soul and make me smile at all that is so perfect in my world.


  10. Tell those alpacas I’ll be there as soon as I can 🙂 And by the way, your superhero post totally made my day and reminded me of all WE do as mamas to make the world right. Thanks 😉


  11. It did make me feel better….. there is just something about writing down your thoughts and throwing them out there for all to see…. good therapy for the soul. I hear you on the neat “used” stuff too….. I could spend a small fortune in an antique shop! And those goals… perfectly put…. thanks for listening…. it means a lot 🙂
    PS – I know those chickens will be waiting for us when we get there…. you and me both 🙂


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