This little beauty made it into our house from our humble little backyard garden.

The sweet potatoes were small.

The green beans few….. and quickly nibbled up crunchy and raw.

But all were delicious!

december harvest

We also finally found a bulk bag of organic wheat berries to start grinding our own flour again. Joe found a lot of help in the youngest two who could not remember doing this fun thing in the past…. kids are so all about the process and making flour is no exception. They took the task rather seriously and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I think they even had some sort of celebratory dance at the end of it………

wheat berries

serious business

homeground flour

in the kitchen with dad

get your groove on

And just like everything else….. it really does taste better when you do it yourself! Now, just to figure out how to store a 50 pound bag of wheat berries. Any suggestions? Especially a repurposed idea? I am wandering off into the world of nothing new….. like this…… inspired while wandering through Nicola's blog …….. I had only wanted to make the toffee…… more on these thoughts tomorrow.

PS – Our grain Mill can be found HERE.


10 thoughts on “Food

  1. You grind your own flour? Wow,I’m really impressed. I noticed you are grinding the flour with a kitchen aid. I have one of these. Do you use the meat grinder or is there a flour grinder.
    My parents and grandparents always use to store much grain in big wooden bins. Better known as grain bins. My grandpa made a smaller version for the pantry. I’ll see if I can find a photo of it and send it to you.
    Enjoy flour making and I hope you get your toffee soon.


  2. Grinding flour?!?!?! Holy cow. You are my hero.
    That toffee….I know. YUM.
    I wish I could help on the storeing of the flour, I just buy small bags at the grocery store. Sorry.


  3. I would love a photo πŸ™‚ Yes it is an attachment for a kitchenaid… a grain mill we purchased three or four years ago from Lehmans. I emailed them to see if they still carry it, I’ll let you know the specifics when I hear back from them!


  4. well, the kitchenaid is the real hero since it does the work πŸ™‚ that toffee is the BEST EVER…. we love it…. and just got my creative book swap together to mail today – woohoo!


  5. that toffee is out of this world delicious! definitely a giftable for next Christmas! okay, so the grain mill is a german made attachment for the kitchenaid…. we bought it from Lehmans 3-4 years ago…. I couldn’t find it on their site, so I emailed them to get specifics… will let you know as soon as I do πŸ™‚ It sure makes grinding your own flour easy and fun!


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