One Small Change – January

I am really excited about the project that Suzy's family at Hip Mountain Mama has put together.

We really do strive to be earth friendly in our house, but I think there's always room for one small change. And when you think of how the creativity we bloggers all share with one another inspires our lives, just think what one small change could do for our earth. For me, it's certainly the kind of new year's resolution to keep!

So what's ours? 

Oh my, it's an embarrassing one. I say that because I was truly almost reluctant to share it with you all. I do have an excuse explanation…. so hear me out on this one.

Our one small change is to :: RECYCLE


I know, I know. Doesn't everyone recycle?? Well, no. All you people nodding your head in disbelief most likely do not live in southern Louisiana. Occasionally  there is a recycle bin at the grocery store that accepts plastic & aluminum (and maybe cardboard & paper?) No glass. No tin. No curbside pick up. So, while we were being very mindful of the containers we purchase, we were still tossing them into the garbage. Sure, a lot of those smaller glass jars have become the kids drinking cups, and pencil holders, and storage for dried foods in the pantry. But really, how much use, or cupboard space, does one have to store these things for their second life? And just how many olive oil bottles can you repurpose?? (*as a bit of a disclaimer, I want you to know we DID recycle the last two places we've lived, but this new place has presented us with quite a challenge*)

So, this weekend I headed to the garage to repurpose some empty plastic totes sitting out there. And we set them up to recycle what we can. Miss Seven made the lovely signs last night.


We'll recycle what we can locally, and once or twice a month we'll head out of town to recycle the rest. Our goal is to reduce our garbage by 50%. I found no tin or glass recycling programs within a 45 minute drive of my home. (ridiculous!) But we're still working on it. And if anyone that reads this knows something we don't, please help! If I can't make the glass recycling work, this puts me in a real pickle, because it would mean buying plastic bottles would be a better choice then glass. What do you think about that? And since I'm sharing some private Gypsy life I might as well let you know that over half of the non recyclable glass, and hardest to repurpose bottles, are those of beer and wine. ~ahem~ A six pack of microbrew and a bottle of wine per week adds up to over 350 bottles a year that we can't recycle. I'll let you know at the end of the month how this all goes. I have a feeling this one small change is going to change things quite a bit.

Here's to one small change! 

What will yours be?


24 thoughts on “One Small Change – January

  1. Miss Seven did a great job with those signs. Recycling isn’t easy in the South is it? We have many of the same problems here. I have to drive 10 miles to take my recycling to the center. In Oregon,where I was raised, they come to your front door and you get fined if you don’t recycle. I would be happy with a middle ground somewhere. Here’s to your one small change. I’m lovin it.


  2. I want to recycle…really do. I have no problems heading out of town to drop stuff off (we are there all the time anyway). HOWEVER..I STILL can’t find a place to put bins at my house. Maybe you and I can brainstorm what to do at my house? I already started the compost thing..and that has cut down on a lot of trash. We still have the cans (soda) and newspapers, and cardboard boxes and plastic (we do occasionally use a plastic water bottle or soda bottle..but I’m getting better!)
    One of my missions is to find a place to put bins.


  3. We’ve been wanting to recycle since we moved here. It’s ridiculous that there isn’t curbside pickup available. The trash overtakes our garbage can every single week, and it’s disgusting that there is so much waste! This will help us! I know that we go to Houma once a week, and I don’t have a problem loading a couple of bins in my trunk when we go. Heck, I can probably come and grab up yall’s bins on my way to town on Thursdays too. I’m thinking that my bins are going to go in my garage.


  4. Here in NY, we thought we were doing well, carting all our newspapers to the recycling center only to find out that due to fuel costs, they were being trashed rather than bought by a recycing firm for reuse. So all these people were taking the time to sort the paper and it was all for naught. One of my clients works for a waste removal company (I’m an employment counselor)and I found out that trucks picking up the garbage would take the bins put out and throw the sorted plastic, etc., into the trash was well.


  5. Here in Nevada, the recycling truck comes to our house twice a month. So easy for us. I think it would make the job of recycling so much more of an effort if we didn’t have that convenience!


  6. First, this is not a SMALL task when your community isn’t behind you! So yeah for thinking big! I love the fact that you can be fined in Seattle for not composting (though I have no idea how that is enforced…). Hopefully your determination will inspire your neighbors to do the same, and make a huge change in your community! Good on ya!


  7. this opened a whole new can of worms for us……… we can store it and take it….. but the real question is where does it all REALLY go? that is something we need to think about too. ahhh the trials of living simply and treading lightly 🙂


  8. Ack, I haven’t been here in awhile! (again) I have some catching up to do.
    A little history: Lafourche *used* to have curbside pickup (my mom still has the bin). But, a few years ago, the parish cut it – I guess it was costing money the parish didn’t have, who knows really? I know I was upset cause they stopped right around the time we finally got our own place…
    Anyhow, at our old local WalMart (now the parish building) there is a HUGE recycling bin in the parking lot for you to bring your things. You don’t need to sort, and they take anything, I believe… Maybe there is one somewhere around you?


  9. We are going to split it up between Rouse’s parking lot bin here in MC and the one in Houma. It certainly has changed what we buy and it’s making us more aware of how much garbage we produce….. all good things 🙂


  10. We are blessed to have curbside recycling, but unfortunately the city decided to change providers and now they don’t accept glass! Luckily, with in 10 miles the county recycling drop offs still do.
    Re: olive oil-make a big splurge and buy a large tin container of OO then just fill a pretty smaller reusable bottle with it.


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