Solstice Jams

Let's see……..

The girls got nightgowns from vintage sheets & pillowcases….. I had to make the straps shorter (see the photos down further) but other then that they came out super cute.

The mama made herself some lounge capris from two vintage pillowcases…….

The littlest boy got space jammies……

The biggest boy got linen lounge pants……..

And the Daddy got some groovy linen lounge pants too…… I loved the way these turned out…. the first clothing item I've ever sewn for Joe. Just a basic pj bottom that I added a side panel and a bottom cuff to so they would look extra groovy. I also made them with drawstring waist. And can I brag say that being able to customize these pants in between a size medium and large for a perfect fit for the daddy made me feel like I was pretty darn cool!

A whole lot of cozy "new" things made for all those people I love…. and I was very happy to add the mama and daddy to the tradition this year too!

If only the photographing of the goods went as well….. uhm…. yeah…..

it went from silly….

solstice jammie photo shoot 

to sillier……  


 to silliest….. 


to just plain giving up…….. yeah I know when it's time to throw in the towel. 

or camera.

time to give up 

The only cooperative subjects to photograph on solstice were Joe's groovy linen pants…..


the cuff


I do love the weathered look of washed linen :)     

I did (a few days later) manage to get a decent picture later of most of the gypsy family members in their solstice jammies…. though I am starting to notice it is getting harder and harder to get a group photo of us all! I guess I need to finally master the art of remote photo shooting…..


most of us

And, on top of all that fun, I snapped this photo while the star was getting placed on the tree…… can I please stop feeding the teenage boy in my house?? Because every time I take a photo lately I am completely blown away by how tall he is getting. He's only got about 2 inches to go to catch up to his dad…..

too tall 

Please tell me someone else had this kind of fun while trying to take some group photos???


8 thoughts on “Solstice Jams

  1. I love the jammies!! I know what you mean about kids getting older! My daughter is only 11 but I can feel that she’s changing so much. It’ll be so weird in a few years to see her turn into a teenager!
    Happy New Year Stephinie!!


  2. Uhh, kids are the squirmiest things when it comes to pictures at my house too. I only had 3 to chose from to post out of 70 or so shots that I took.
    I love the jams by the way…all of them.


  3. yes, the house is coming along…. I should be able to share kitchen renovation photos soon! we love the floor too. And I must say I am quite impressed with your frugal holiday crafting, well done!!


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