2 Days ’til Christmas ~ Cookies

And the baking begins……….




Mormor's Chocolate Cake Cookies and The Gingerbread Cookies were both from other bloggers. I used coffee instead of water in the frosting recipe for the Chocolate Cookies. For the gingerbread I reduced the flour to 2 cups and used half white and half whole wheat pastry flour. My kids LOVE both of these and they are sure to be gone in no time. Thank you for sharing your recipes ladies!

Other friends playing along in the 12 Days 'til Christmas here.     

12 thoughts on “2 Days ’til Christmas ~ Cookies

  1. I didn’t think of adding coffee to the cookie too, yum! Thanks again for sharing these, my kids LOVED the story I told them of your Mormor as they all nibbled away on these cookies….


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