3 Days ’til Christmas – Our Solstice Celebration

The buzz in my house refuses to let me forget that Christmas is only 3 days away…… there are a whole lot of excited people around here. 

Here's a little peek at last night's solstice celebrating……..

solstice treasure hunt 


looking for clues

solstice booty!


solstice soup

danish rice pudding


dancing in new jammies


mama made beeswax ornament 



playing with the kids 


A treasure hunt to find some new games….. yummy soup….. rice pudding…. handmade ornaments and jammies…. a board game with the oldest kiddos after the littles were tucked in to bed.

A fun evening.


14 thoughts on “3 Days ’til Christmas – Our Solstice Celebration

  1. looks like you guys had a wonderful time!! Btw, im taking pointers from you on fun things to do when i have kids lol
    ( i got your card in the mail yesterday!! I love getting those from you! )


  2. We are certainly enjoying family time these days, and I’d to THANK YOU for Mormor’s cookies…. we made them for Solstice and they are delicious!! These will be a tradition for us from now on!


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