16 thoughts on “5 Days ’til Christmas ~ A not so little, little girl

  1. Ok, there was a little girl there with somebody I didn’t know that looked EXACTLY like Sophie. I kept looking at her trying to figure out who that was. I had absolutely no idea it WAS sophie..lol She was sitting right in front of us. She never turned around or I know she would have seen us. Raelee was so tired that Raelee never noticed either. She was far enough away that I couldn’t hear her talk. That’s funny that it was Sophie..lol


  2. yep 😉 and on the way home from church this morning she told us…. “you know guys, I will be 10 when we move out of Louisiana”…… *sniffle* just growing up way too fast…. wait ’til you get your Christmas letter and see what she put in for her little blurb…. you’ll cry 😉


  3. You know, when I was visiting my mom over the holidays, I rummaged through her basement and found those very shoes! In my memories they were so big…. but in reality sooo tiny 🙂 I guess I was younger than I thought. But I remember loving them 🙂


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