On and Off the needles….

  Hand Maiden Casbah - Hemlock

This yarn came from The Net Loft this summer. My splurge purchase. It's waited patiently to find it's way onto some needles. It's Hand Maiden's Casbah in Hemlock. I really love the colorway…. it reminds me so much of Alaska. The scarf pattern was given to me by Dotty, the owner of The Net Loft, and I am in love with the way it is knitting up…. so very beautiful……


scarf beginnings

Off the needles – FINALLY – is Mr Three's sweater. In the end I added a drop tail hem to the bottom. At least I think that's what it called…. and an inch extra of garter stitch to the cuffs of the sleeve. I knit the pattern up with the length measurements of a size 4-6 and it was still a little short for Mr Three…. has anyone else found this pattern to be a bit small or does my boy just have long arms?? (It's the placket sweater in Last Minute Knitted Gifts) Anyway, it was an easy pattern to follow for a first sweater and I really love it….. now I just hope he'll wear it! Don't you think he needs a matching gnomey hat to go with it……


Mr Three's Sweater

Hope some things make it on and off your needles this weekend…….. happy knitting 🙂


12 thoughts on “On and Off the needles….

  1. The scarf in BEAUTIFUL!!! Have not tried a cable yet…. Very nice! Sweater is SUPER cute, love the drop hem AND the cuffs. Very creative!


  2. That pattern on the sweater could not be any cooler!! I’m impressed with your cable making abilities too. I love the colors! We got our package from Stubby Pencil Studio. We’ve been having loads of fun with it. Great quality stuff. Thank you again!!


  3. it’s one of those you have to keep track of….. so yes I’ve been writing which row I’m on on my hand with a pen! lol isn’t using your hand as a post it note earth friendly?!?!??


  4. Lovely! I agree about the too small-ness of that pattern. I have knit up three of these and they were all too short of arms and too short in length. I just kept on measuring as I knit them up. I do love the pattern and the fit, however, so it is well worth the extra efforts. Wondering if you used the free online version of the pattern or the book version. I heard that the online version is more correct as far as pattern errors, etc.


  5. I used the pattern in the book…. though I did reference the online one at some point…. I did like you said… kept measuring and adding… that is how the sleeves ended up with a contrasting cuff! The pattern is adorable and a perfect first sweater, it is absolutely worth it, I agree 🙂 Just checked out your blog, my oh my how lovely 🙂


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