Slippers from Gram

This box of love arrived just in time.

Just in time to warm the feet of two sick kiddos. These slippers have been ever present on their little toes since they arrived. Nothing better then slippers from Grandma to warm your tootsies and cheer you up a bit when your not feeling so good.

My Grandma J sent a box full of slippers. A pair for each member of the family. That's 6 pairs of slippers! Pom poms for the girls and buttons for the boys…. and we LOVE them! They arrived just as the cool weather came. They are all handknit with the same pattern that she has used for years. (If anyone wants it, just send me an email) I think I remember having a purple or mauve colored pair as a kid? They are knit with two strands of yarn so they are nice and thick and the garter stitch makes them stretchy so they fit just p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. 


slippers from Gram

littlest slippers

Mr Three is especially smitten with his own and carefully places them by his bed each night before he gets in his blankets.  It is just too cute!!

My Grandma J sends me treasures once in awhile (remember these?). This package contained another treasure. A beautiful little tin that held her mother's (my Great Grandma Pearl's) button collection. Many of these buttons were from clothing worn by My Great Gram and some from my Grandma J when she was a little girl. I can only imagine that some of these buttons were carefully clipped off a garment when it had finally become worn enough to turn into rags or repurposed in some other way. A time when we didn't just throw things away. I am really truly mesmerized by these little things and can only imagine where they have traveled….. they have their own little stories….. each of them. All you other vintage button lovers out there know just what I'm talking about!


vintage tin

my Great Gram's buttons

Thank you is not nearly enough to express my gratitude for this box of love. I hold all these things so close to my heart. And watching those kids scuffle out of bed into the kitchen the last few days in those handmade slippers……. well that's a little over the top for me. I love it!

Grandma J you're the best! Thanks for really knowing me and sharing these treasures and for the knitting hours to make all those slippers…. we love you!  


23 thoughts on “Slippers from Gram

  1. So sweet, I really love those slippers, I will definately be emailing you for the pattern!Love the button tin. What a wonderful gift and such a precious thing to have.


  2. Oh me too me too! Please send me the pattern, Grandma J does indeed sound like the best! And what a great treasure tin full of adventure and history!


  3. and yes me too please. I would love the knitting pattern. What a great box of love. I miss my gram’s boxes. That is such an awesome button collection. I can tell how much you are enjoying everything. Hope you are continuing to make merry at your house. Have a good weekend.


  4. Have been looking for a pair like grandma used to make, and these look like it! Could you please send the pattern my way? Thanks!


  5. I just typed “Grandma Slippers” into google, hoping to find someone who would remember the same slippers I had as a child and here are six pairs on little feet. Exactly what I was looking for! I would love the pattern. Thank you, thank you!


  6. What an amazing Grandma and an amazing tribute to her. I was missing my Gram so much this morning and crying like a baby (it’s been raining all morning and Gram used to say rain was the angels crying for all the bad things in this world, so I could save my tears). When I read this the rain stopped (although it’s supposed to go all day), and I feel better. Thank you for your amazing post!


  7. I'm so glad you loved it 🙂 There is truly a special bond between grandchildren & grandparents……. wishing you a smile as you think of many fond memories of yours~~~


  8. Just discovered your blog. Am I still able to get a copy of the pattern for the slippers?
    Many Thanks Maree


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