Use it up….

This one is for my fellow junk loving thrifters……

Just before we left Wisconsin the neighbor nearby had a HUGE pile of garbage for the annual curbside pickup…. It was a mountain! Lots of old stuff in there. To his credit, most of it was junk and he put it out 3 days before the garbage day so folks could come and pick through it to find their treasures…. I found a wooden frame of a screen.

"Really Steph? We're moving in a few weeks…." my dear husband said to me as I returned home with it……

"But it's beautiful, it has potential!" I said to Joe.

And so this screen (frame) traveled to Louisiana and sat behind our door for the first 4 months we lived here.

And then after meeting the neighbors I find out that my next door neighbor has a sewing studio in her backyard and sews home decor….. she was telling me she always has fabric leftovers after projects and the folks never want it and she can't bare to throw it out so she's stuck  with bolts and bolts of it.


"Stuck" with fabric?

And she turns to me "do you want to go through it and take some home?"

I did (barely) suppress my squeal of delight…. "sure" I told her.

And I came home with this::

freebie stash  


more of the freebie stash

It's all upholstery weight…. silks linens and canvas. And free!

You should have seen the look on Joe's face….. there is a ton of yardage in there….. enough to recover the yellow chair in the below photo….. but having all the yardage made me remember my pretty screen…. and so I sewed up some panels and voila…..


thrifted screen  


the kiddies

Isn't it beautiful? And all it cost me was some time sewing…. I love that! It makes a perfect door for our living room which gets used as a guest room when we have visitors.

Though the kids would tell you the best use for it is crawling under it!

PS – Just think honey, we've got at least 3 more years of living next door to Ms Nancy šŸ™‚ That's a whole lot of free fabric to look forward to!!


9 thoughts on “Use it up….

  1. WOW!!! I was just *dreaming* of a screen to use in front of our computer room!!! See…living vicariously through you again!!


  2. Awesome!! I cant wait to see what you do with all of these. And how perfect is that that youre living next door to someone who does this stuff.. Very cool.
    BTW, i looove pics with Sid in them lol.


  3. Love it! Call it divine intervention or karma or whatever, but there is a reason why you moved in next door the the fabric lady! Woo hooooo! I had a huge box of fabric arrive on my doorstep a month ago from a college friend of mine whose grandma passed away. My poor friend didn’t know what to do with all of the gorgeous fabric left to her in her granny’s sewing room. I’m slowly working through it. Sleeping bags, and dresses for dolls will be gifts for girls šŸ™‚


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