A mud story

It rained. 

It rained and it rained and then it rained some more…. until the Gypsy Mama surely thought the children were going to go wild(er) if kept inside any longer……

…..and then thankfully ** finally** it stopped…… leaving behind an enormous mud hole in the backyard where the Daddy had recently done some yard work……..


itsy bitsy frog

The littles were in and out and in and out of the patio and backyard as the mama sewed away and kept watch with the windows wide open…….. the littlest frog ever was found…… the jackets and shoes were shed…… and there came sudden squeals of delight that meant far too much fun was being had……


it was his idea

Looking outside there were two little ones dancing in the mud……. bare toes and wind kissed cheeks laughing away…..

"Oh my," thought the mama "I just cleaned the floors" thought the mama……

but then the mama remembered how fun it was to dance in the mud…….

so she watched…. and she laughed…. and when the littlest of all bellowed out "mama, clean me!"


can you clean me?

muddy toes

the mama headed outside with a bucket of warm soapy water….. and she did.

The End


4 thoughts on “A mud story

  1. So cute lol! I remember playing in the mud was my most fav thing to do when i was little. Good memories. IM sure they will never forget that either.
    That frog is so tiny!! I dont think ive ever seen one so small before!


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