Laurel Valley

We spent a recent morning here……

Laurel Valley  these hens make me miss "my girls"


turkey chasers turkey chasers 


run baby run! the question is, what is so exciting?


tractor chicken  the answer….. a chicken driving a tractor, of course!


goat watching goat watching 


can I please pet you? making friends 


farm kitty farm kitty 


store front store front 


eggs quail & chicken eggs


chicken boy! his goal was to get the chicken to perch on his shoulder (look familiar?)  


flying chickens  chickens may not fly well, but they sure can JUMP!!


feeding time feeding time 


in l-o-v-e!  this little kitty is BITING her fingers and she is still smiling… Miss Seven is in l-o-v-e


We made a trip to Laurel Valley Plantation and had a fun little adventure. The little store front offers local history and local goods….. fig preserves and honey and jams. The man that ran the place let the girls look for eggs… they found three and got to keep them. Yum. Fresh farm eggs are simply the best! We all enjoyed our time there walking around and looking at all the old equipment….. being followed by the hens and a "lucky" turkey….. the little farm kitty was carried around the entire time by one of the kids. This was such a neat little place to visit…. free too! Our only cost was the four bags of chicken food for $1 each. I am so happy to have a local place to get my "farm fix". Every time we visit a place like this my heart swells up and whispers "someday….. someday". 

Fresh cool air…. goats…. chickens…. leaves crunching beneath our feet. It doesn't get much better than this.


11 thoughts on “Laurel Valley

  1. LOL the chicken driving the tractor is priceless.. too funny! And the kitty is sooo pretty!!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time 🙂


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