In the Garden this morning…..

the garden


The garden is slowly but surely coming along. We ate our first salad yesterday at lunch! What a joy to eat something you have grown from a tiny little seed. It's strange and wonderful to be spending so much time outside near the end of November tending a garden.

I've had to help the pumpkins and squash a bit since there are less pollinating bugs outside this time of year. I've been using a q-tip to do this. It seems to have worked since my first blossoms were shriveling up and now I have fruit on the newer ones! I had no idea there were male and female blossoms….. gardening is so new to me!

sweet peas 

sweet peas


zucchini blossoms 

zucchini blossom


leaf lettuce

 leaf lettuce


My husband screened in our covered patio and now we have a nice bug free place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine in the evening…. it has been SO very nice to have this extra space. And I've got quite the collection of plants starting outside….. peas, sweet potatoes, herbs and 3 fruit trees. A satsuma orange tree, a lemon tree and a fig tree. These will be planted in the yard soon… but I am excited that two of them have some fruit…. it's too late in the season for this, so the large lemons will ripen, but the figs and tiny lemons most likely will not. The lemon tree bloomed after we brought it home and lemon blossom is one of the best smells ever. It was unbelievable, the entire backyard smelled clean and wonderful!


new covered patio and our little homestead beginnings


ripening lemon 

a lemon just starting to turn yellow


lemon blossom 

lemon blossoms


tiny lemons 

after the blossoms fall off, these tiny lemons begin to form


little figs 

little figs


And the fairy's have also been busy gardening, because on my way out to our garden I saw this wee little one next to a fairy house.

fairy garden

6 thoughts on “In the Garden this morning…..

  1. Garden looks good. I was just wondering about your garden the other day. Can’t wait ’til March to start my plantings. This fall I was fortunate to buy a 10 x 12 greenhouse and Frank has already made excellent shelves. Can’t wait.


  2. The green house should be great fun…. I heard of a book in Mother Earth News called Winter Harvest Handbook by Eliot Coleman… it’s all about using your greenhouse to eat fresh year round.


  3. The garden is looking good! We’re thinking of getting a small greenhouse to at least be able to plant everything from seed. Right now we’re eating away at the first offerings of the winter garden: winter lettuce, fennel, cabbage, cauliflower etc.
    By the way the yarn arrived safe and sound! I won’t be in Cambridge until mid-Dec. so it’ll be waiting for me 🙂 Thanks again!


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