Random Holiday Musings…..

This has been the question bouncing around in my head the past few weeks……

"What is the true meaning?"

We all have a different reason to celebrate. And although each of our reasons will be a little different, I think all of us could agree it comes down to one thing. 


Our family in celebrating our religious traditions.

Our family in those we were born to, and those born to us.

Our family in those we choose as partners.

Our family in our friends and neighbors.


"Family:: denotes a group of people or animals affiliated by a consanguinity, affinity or co-residence. Although the concept of consanguinity originally referred to relations by "blood," anthropologists have argued that one must understand the idea of "blood" metaphorically, and that many societies understand 'family' through other concepts rather than through genetic distance."                ~from wikipedia


Don't you just love that definition? It basically reaffirms for me, my own belief of having the family we are born to and also the family we choose in our neighbors and friends on our journey through life.

This year I took the time to really, really look at our celebrations. To see if they truly reflect our beliefs. I've carefully chosen a few new traditions to add to what we all ready do…. in hopes to further encourage my family to think deeply about what this season means for us. We celebrate Advent and Solstice in our house and I want both of these celebrations to be rich experiences for my children in their own unique ways. I want our days in December to focus on gratitude…. spirituality…. handmade food & gifts……. simplicity….. family.

I hope for each of you, that before things whirl up into a holiday frenzy, you can take a moment and think about what it all really means to you.

Today, for my kids, I am proposing this ::

"In addition to gifts for our friends and family, what can we give (or do) as gifts for our neighbors in need and our Earth?"

I'll let you know their responses!

6 thoughts on “Random Holiday Musings…..

  1. greetings,what wonderful reflective thoughts about the holidays. I espcially love the word consanguinity in the description of family. In our house we have been talking a lot about the traditions of holidays and if they are valid for us or not, and if they aren’t what is. Everyone is in agreement that they want traditions but their own not necessarily those placed upon them. It’s a great growning moment. I look forward to seeing how your family transitions through this season of celebration. Take care and thanks for sharing.


  2. I love to hear that other families are also contemplating and creating things that are important to them…. I agree it is so important and the whole family should be involved 🙂 Cheers!


  3. Beautiful post. I think about what the holidays mean to us. What I want to teach my kids about them because ultimately, we have great power over how they perceive them. I grew up in a broken family that’s main emphasis during the holidays was “giving.” The food, secondary. Being together, secondary and the decorations, secondary. I try more each year to make the holidays simple so that I can enjoy my family more during this time. I also love to celebrate the solstice. Happy Weekend to you! Smiles, Kyndale


  4. we celebrate solstice and christmas as well… and we are in a transition time now where we are truely making our own traditions as a family- the kids are 6 and 4, and starting to really “get it”. we’ve always tried to place little importance on gift giving of the crazy, consumerist kind, and more on the giving to those in need and giving of yourself and your time, thru charities, handmade objects, useful items, etc. a couple of years ago, we went to “see Santa”, as has been my family’s (parents and sister’s ) tradition for decades, and someone asked my daughter if she had her “list for santa”- i was so proud that she looked dumbfounded!! she replyed that no, it was a CARD for santa wishing him a merry christmas!!
    it is so true that in holidays, traditions we have “great power over how they perceive them” as kyndale wrote… christmas is for our kids what WE make of it. when we choose not buy into the craziness, we are providing a healthy foundation for our kids to link with the rest of their lives, now and in the future (taking care of things that matter like our health, and the health of our community and earth)
    thanks for keeping me thinking-
    with gratitude,


  5. I really *get* where you are coming from in so many ways… Happy are those of us putting our families first 🙂 There is far more joy in that than any “thing” could ever give us.


  6. I LOVE that she simply wanted to wish Santa a Merry Christmas…. how great is that!?! It is wonderful to feel so connected to all you mamas out there striving for simple loving ways to be a family together.


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