Grammy’s Hat

This hat has been frogged 4 times…..

4 attempts were made to create a lace leaf patterned hat…… ugh! 

So I finally decided to do my own thing and inspired by the awesome spiral design of Mr Three's hurricane hat….. I made this for my mom. Feverishly finished just in time for her to take it home with her….. I call it "Solstice"…..


Grammy's Solstice Hat


Solstice Hat


I love it! It's got a feminine kick without being too girlie…. the colors are fabulous! It's made from Fleece Artist's Sea Wool in Autumn. Oh my that yarn is gorgeous! And best of all, Grammy loves it too! Which is good because she's on her way home to a whole lot of snow!!


7 thoughts on “Grammy’s Hat

  1. Its beautiful!! Very nice job.
    I need a new hat but im too cheap to go buy one. Man theyre so expensive these days.. ugh!! I need to learn how to knit!


  2. My mom got me a set of Denise needles for my birthday in January of this year…. I really like them 🙂 I was so determined to learn to knit last winter and I am so glad that I did it…. being part of the knitting community is so awesome and I love giving those handknits to my friends and family. You can do it!! And I think you’ll love it 🙂


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