boots in waiting

waiting boots

My girls are four years apart. As much of a saver that I am…. I just can't hold on to four years worth of clothes to pass on to Miss Seven. I save a few favorites, but the rest gets passed along to friends……

Upon going through our fall clothes, Miss Eleven was bummed that her favorite boots no longer fit. I put them in the give away pile and they were promptly removed by Miss Seven.

"Please, please can you save these for me??" she pleaded…

The boots are at least 6 sizes too big.

"I think we'd be holding on to them until you were at least 10 if we saved them." I say to her.

"I'll try to grow real fast!" she tells me, quite seriously.

Oh, be still my heart, there will be no growing up faster around here! I put the boots in the top of her closet and hugged my sweet Miss Seven. I tell her she is already growing up fast enough for this mama and that those boots will be waiting for her …….. so long as she promises not to try and grow up any faster…..

Though I know those boots will fit her far too soon.


7 thoughts on “boots in waiting

  1. Well they are very cute boots! I can see why she wants to save them!
    BTW, just found your blog recently and I really love it- the photos are beautiful and I like your “voice”.


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