Vintage Goods

Miss Eleven spied the aprons….. I saw the suitcases….. and we both started running….. it must have looked ridiculous! But we didn’t care.

When we got to the little booth it was meticulously organized and labeled and full of more vintage goodness then I have ever seen in one place. And there were linens!! Lots and lots of linens…… and pyrex…. and teapots… and buttons and more!!

vintage art 


vintage aprons


gnome & pig

I do realize that I probably didn’t need a pig-riding-gnome figurine…… I must have picked that little guy up and sat him back down 3 times before I finally caved. And now he sits in my kitchen window and smiles at me while I wash the dishes…. perfect!

The woman who ran the booth, Miss Pat, was absolutely sweet and just tickled with Miss Eleven being such a young “antiquer” (I know that’s not a word.) She told us about a Flea Market open 6 days a week and located just 2 miles away! It’s a warehouse with many vendors sharing it….. it’s huge! And full of so many wonderful things. My dear sweet husband dropped Miss Eleven and I off to look, while he braved Lowe’s with the youngest two. I love that man. 

The prices at the Flea Market were reasonable, which really surprised me….. the coffee grinder was probably my favorite find. It was a bit expensive….. $28 but it’s cast iron and in fabulous shape…. and our electric one is almost dead….. (can you hear me trying to justify myself here??)

Miss Pat also has her own little Vintage Store located about 45 minutes from us, open two weekends a month. She gave us a coupon for 15% off all linens!! Miss Eleven and I plan to visit her often… just the two of us…. a perfect mother daughter outing 🙂



  The car ride home, after our trip to Lowe’s and buying 4 antique chairs at the Flea Market!



We got two each of these chairs to replace our broken ones!


Old Coffee Grinder

the coffee grinder…. I just love it! 


Vintage Loot

my loot 🙂 

a measuring cup, juicer, ice cream scooper, apron, doilies, tablecloth & gnome




All this inspired me to make chocolate mousse for dessert using my favorite old custard cups given to me by my Aunt. 

Just looking at the chocolate mousse in that cup and the pile of “old stuff” to use around my house makes me know that somewhere a Grandma is smiling down at us 🙂


6 thoughts on “Vintage Goods

  1. I love how you describe your daughter’s love of vintage/thrifted fun. How neat that you have been able to give her the gift of understanding the value of repurposing. Your goodies look wonderful, and it sounds like a great day had by all 🙂


  2. I love all the goods! I would have gotten the gnome too. I would. I have that exact same coffee grinder that was my great-grandparents! I love it and I look at it all the time. xo Kyndale


  3. What a fantastic find! If you ever find yourself out this way, we will need to make a trip to the Orange Circle, or as some call it “Antique Row”…stores upon stores of antiques and vintage goodies.


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