Southdown Marketplace

We made a family day out of visiting the Southdown Marketplace on Saturday. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by all the amazing handcrafts. I had not expected there to be such a wonderful selection of vendors. 

We saw so many lovely things……..







Yarn by Cajun Fiber Co



I just love the name of this colorway!


It was so lovely meeting Amy, the owner of Cajun Fiber Co. Her yarn is gorgeous!


Spirit of the Wood - Birdhouse 


Miss Eleven's Bag 






Popcorn Dress

Did you know dresses made excellent popcorn bowls?


Kettle Corn
Kettle Corn ~ Mr Three's favorite part of the day! (and Daddy's too!)

We came home with so many lovely things! And found out about many local handcrafters. Best of all, at the one and only vintage booth, I found out about the flea market….. more on that tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Southdown Marketplace

  1. I can’t believe I missed the yarn!!! I’m still mad about that. I didn’t see the pottery either. I wish I had time to go back through it all without big christmas decorations..rofl


  2. Cool stuff!!!! Wish we had stuff like that up here.. instead of a bunch of native stuff.
    Btw.. Miss 7s dress is beautiful! i love the colors on it. Did you make that also??


  3. What?!?! I love Alaska Native Art! It is nice to have a mix of goods though….. no I did not make Miss 7’s dress…. Hanna Andersson did. She’s on her second winter of wearing it ~ love it 🙂


  4. I only got to look around a bit, and I didn’t see the wooden bowls, those are nice! I did pick up a red mug from the pottery booth though, I am really falling in love with pottery!
    And yeah, Southdown is a pretty big craft show


  5. Alaska Native art is ok. Dont getme wrong.. its pretty cool stuff for the most part. But if youve been looking at it almost everyday for 28 years.. it gets alittle old lol. I think my problem is is i need more variety. I can only look at so many seal skin masks with fur around them before they all start to look the same lol.
    Maybe what i’ll do next time there is a craft show going on i’ll take some pics for ya if youd like 🙂


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