And he’s off………

13 years.

1 passport.

2 days of flying.

And there he goes.

On their way.... 

My parents have decided to start a tradition with my kids and take each of them on an adventure when they turn thirteen. Sort of a rite of passage ritual. And so my history loving son was very excited to be heading to Germany for 12 days. 

They are staying with very good friends of ours over there…… Susie and her husband and two young boys. Susie was our exchange student 15 years ago (oi! that was tough to type!). She came to live with us for a year in Anchorage, Alaska. We will forever consider her a part of our family. Susie and I both have younger brothers, but no sisters, so since those teenage days we have always considered the other a sister. Fast forward 15 years worth of letters and phone calls and finding wonderful men to marry and becoming mothers….. it's a whole lot of beautiful history.

And today my son is becoming a part of it in his own way…… going to the markets, visiting castles and tomorrow he will be headed to Warnemunde on the Baltic Sea to meet Susie's parents and brother. 

I hope he was a wonderful time and most of all, that he gathers his own collection of stories and memories to bring home to share with us.

5 thoughts on “And he’s off………

  1. Im totally excited for him! How awesome. Wonder where theyre going to take miss 11?!?!
    I do hope he’s taking tons of photos also.
    Btw, i remember susie.. cant believe it was that long ago lol


  2. Wow! How lucky! I was lucky enough to go on a couple European adventures. One at 15 and one at 18 (I turned each age while there). Tell him to say “hi” to Markgrafferland (pretty much Eastern Germany I think)…that’s where the Markgrafs (my family) are from. 🙂 OH! And he NEEDS to bring home a stien or a cookoo clock- requisite from Germany!
    So exciting!


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