The Sugar Sprite

This is a new tradition in our house since we were just recently told about the magical Sugar Sprite….

Here is my own adapted version of the Sugar Sprite Tale………

The day after Halloween, November 1st, you may be lucky enough to get a visit from the Sugar Sprite. Who is the Sugar sprite you might ask?Well she is a fairy-like creature that comes in search of candy. She can get sugar from the flower nectar all spring and summer,but in winter there is not enough nectar to feed herself & all of her wee little sprite babes.  She knows that on Halloween, human children  have a tradition called trick-or-treating, and that because of this there will be plenty of sugary candy! The sugar sprite works very hard to collect all the unwanted candy to store up for the long winter months ahead. And YOU can help her out! Only a lucky few even KNOW about the sugar sprite! Those that do can leave their Halloween candy at the doorstep or on the kitchen table with a note to the sprite and she will gladly leave them a special treasure in exchange for their candy.

Enjoy!! (And even though it's past November 1st, if you've still got candy left, she might pay a visit to you if you leave it out for her!)

PS ~ Our sprite brought us $5 each and a new wooden Engelberger figure – it was a huge hit!

7 thoughts on “The Sugar Sprite

  1. I was all to happy to give up the frozen reeses peanut butter cups and snickers…… i LOVE those…. even though they are crap! I’d never buy them…. but they call my name when the end up here!! The Sugar Sprite is a heroine in my book for sure!


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