Wow – what a whirlwind of a weekend…….

My parents flew in Friday night….. trick or treating and site seeing on Saturday……. packing for the big trip on Sunday and they are leaving today! (more about that tomorrow)

Not too much time to chat today….. but I wanted to share a few Halloween photos….. it was such a busy weekend and I wished I had gotten more photos! Joe & I were so busy taking care of family and kids and eating Gumbo (yum!) with friends, that the camera did not get used as much as we would have liked…… oh well…… 

The eldest handed out candy with some freakishly realistic vampire fangs in his mouth…… Miss Eleven dressed up as an Old Grandmother….. Miss Seven was Little Red Riding Hood and Mr Three the Wildest Thing EVER. Especially after sampling a bit of Halloween candy……. refined sugar…… gotta love it (did you catch my sarcasm there!?!!)

Little Red 

Little Red

Miss Eleven as the "Old Granny" 

"Grandmother" with a friend's duckling….

Sugar Buzzed "Max"
Our sugar buzzed Mr Three, who kept telling everyone "I'm Max to the Wild Things!"

The Tail 

the tail….. made from felt pieces

Terrible Claws

"terrible" felt claws…..

What were the little one's dressed as in your neck of the woods?? I'd love to hear about it 🙂

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