Loving :: This Dress

I am loving this book…..

Carefree Clothes for Girls 

I've been waiting all summer for it. Last Friday it finally showed up and I LOVE IT! The patterns are both practical and funky. I love the vintage inspired style and the photography is fabulous!

I really, really wanted to make something from the book……… but with two Halloween costumes to finish up I tucked it aside…….. waiting to make something from it…….

Until Miss Seven announced that she would need a red gingham dress to be Little Red Riding Hood…….

I pulled out Carefree Clothes for Girls and found the perfect little dress pattern inside. Now, red gingham isn't necessarily my favorite…… but my Little Red was quite insistent on being completely red. 

"And with a ruffle mom!"

Well then, red and ruffled you got……..



The pattern in the book was easy to follow and came out really, really nice. The pattern is true to size in my opinion and the size 7 fit my Miss Seven very nicely. She's been wearing it every chance she could get since its creation! I will certainly be making more of these!!

And with an apron and a mama made velvet cape….. she certainly makes a pretty Little Red Riding Hood!! 

Make that a silly little Red Riding Hood!

Silly Red 

I'll see you all this weekend to share a photo or two of Halloween Kiddos.

Have a spook-tacular Halloween!     (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

8 thoughts on “Loving :: This Dress

  1. The dress is so sweet. Great costume! I made my daughter almost the exact same hooded cloak a few years ago. And I have been wondering a lot about that book. I will have to try to check it out soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely creations!


  2. So adorable! We’ve got 3 little ducks for halloween this year…thrown together with a glue gun and safety pins. One day, our sewing machine will make an appearance out of storage!


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