Swamp Thing(s)

The *finally* cooler weather seems to have the swamp dwelling critters on the move…. we've been seeing more and more frogs and turtles. We've seen at least three types of frogs in our backyard. I love hearing them croak out there. My favorite guy, and easiest to photograph, was the one that hung out on the window of our french doors.

window decor 


frog on a window

Joe has been finding turtles in the road lately…. he bikes to work so he sees a lot of cool stuff….. so rather then let them get squished, he brings them home for the kids to see (we're only two blocks from where he's found them) and then we return them to the swamp…

The Box Turtle Mud Turtle came first. About the size of an orange….. he was shy and wanted nothing to do with anyone. His body is a big round shape……

miss six & box turtle


curious boy

Then came this guy who we initially thought was a painted turtle, until we saw the design on his belly. A little google search revealed to us that he is in fact a Red Eared Slider. Not one we had ever seen up north! His ridged back is so prehistoric looking. Fiesty itsy bitsy guy he crawled all over everything! What fun he was….

red eared slider belly 


shy guy 


let me go!

4 thoughts on “Swamp Thing(s)

  1. This is amazing. I love how much kids can learn from nature. I am a true lover of frogs and turtles, so I am a bit jealous of all this great interaction that you all are getting 🙂


  2. very cute!!! be careful with the red eared sliders(and all little turtles), they have a large amount of salmanila on them and can make you VERY sick if you don’t properly wash your hands after touching/holding.


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