Their Gallery

For the last few weeks my kids have cracked jokes at the empty frames I'd hung up on the wall. They still contained the "fake people" in them from being purchased….. their jokes went something like this…..

"Who are these people in our house?"

"I've got amnesia, I don't even know my own family!"

"This is our little brother who was sadly eaten by a Louisiana alligator." while pretending to cry…..

And they went on….. and on…… and on…….

Yes my loves you are very funny. 

But your joking days have come to end because the mama finally got her act together and put those frames to their intended use.


The look on Mr Three's face when I presented him with his framed water color picture from yesterday was just priceless.

"I won" he told us as he hugged it. I am assuming that means he liked it!

i won! 

their gallery 

that one's mine 

These were inexpensive frames purchased from a craft store and I haphazardly arranged them in a square on the wall in our large entryway. It's a place where everyone can see it. The kids will be switching art out of them whenever they have a finished masterpiece they want to add to their gallery.

And while I miss all the bad lovely  jokes from the oldest two about the random faces on the wall…… I will enjoy walking past this space and admiring my kids creations. There's just something very serious and professional about having your art framed. They love it!

(You'll have to excuse the early morning mixed with thunderstormy day lighting in these photos!)

Enjoy Your weekend!!

5 thoughts on “Their Gallery

  1. I have a slight obsession with picture frames. Its pretty pathetic actually. LOL i LOVE your frames and the idea!!!! very cool 🙂


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