The sound of their footsteps in the hall each morning as they awake……

After putting in the bamboo floors…. I can easily tell which of my four is coming down the hall by their footsteps. The littlest one, Mr Three will almost run to the corner and then stop to peak around and see who is up all ready. He waits until someone makes eye contact with him and then he runs into your arms. Most days he has a HUGE grin on his face and greets me with a "Good Mornin' Mama!" or my favorite "I love you really much!" Some days he needs extra time to sit on my lap before he starts his day… head buried in my chest….. a little grumbly bear……

I want to remember this……..

anybody out there? 

her i come!

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4 thoughts on “this….

  1. Love it! Raelee does the same thing…she’ll come padding in with her blankie in her mouth (yes, I know she’s 6..but she loves her blankie still) and just comes and cuddles in my lap until she’s ready to move on to whatever she has planned for the morning. This morning, it was a garden walk to see what popped up overnight (we had lots this morning!)
    Enjoy these moments. 🙂


  2. I love the pause before the charge. That is priceless. There are so many moments that I hope to remember about my kiddos. Don’t you just wish that you could bottle them?


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