Miss 11

Her real birthday was earlier this week, but she insisted to wait on celebrations until the Daddy got home. Joe made it home late Wednesday night and so yesterday we celebrated our Miss 10 becoming Miss 11.  

There were special dinner requests. Handmade gifts. Phone calls from far away. The tradition of Daddy making a silly cake. This year Miss 11 had a "cheese platter" complete with fruit and a wee mouse.

simple gifts 

The most memorable moment was a little trick played by Daddy. Miss 11 wants to attend a Music & Fine Arts Camp in Sitka, AK next summer and was planning to take her guitar along. (The guitar she began playing two years ago, a hand-me-down from her older brother, is now much to small.) So we told her we got a nice hard case for her guitar so she could travel with it and not worry about it getting damaged. "Cool" she says….. opening up the case to look inside and reveal, much to her surprise, an acoustic electric ruby red guitar. 

"You got me a guitar!?!

Miss 11 & "Ruby" Miss 11's  idea of being "plugged in"

My parents went in on the gift and it was a perfect choice. She's had in her lap for the last 24 hours….. taking only a quick break for cake last night!

still playing that guitar playing her new guitar in the birthday dress made by mama….

cheesy cake plums sliced thin to give it a "swiss cheese" look……

The next best thing to handmade is certainly an instrument to "make" with. I am in awe at her ability to pick up an instrument and play it well. This day celebrating the amazing young lady our girl is becoming was a good one.

Happy Weekend to you all!

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