In the Garden……

It's still so strange to me to be feeling summer this time of year. Having spent my entire life in a northern climate with 4 seasons, my soul is anticipating changing leaves and cool crisp air and that's not what we've got going on here right now! The weather is cooling off and starting to get really nice…. the locals say by mid month it will be in the 70's and stay that way until December! 

The seeds we planted in our garden are all popping up and doing well. By the time the weather gets into the 50's everything will be ready to harvest. We should be able to get two plantings out of our lettuce before it gets too cold….. and I hear if you keep things covered you can often do greens year round!

So even though my internal clock is all goofed up, I'm enjoying the gardening and the warm days and just to confuse myself a little more I've started my normal fall bake-a-thon. Right now my entire house smells like heaven. Spicy pumpkin bread. Yum. And just for fun, we framed some leaves sent to us by our Minnesota friends and hung them up to look at it. (thank you Maddy!)

Here are some views from near and in our garden…. have a lovely day!


cool bug


a little mushroom


little beets


bush beans



5 thoughts on “In the Garden……

  1. That is a pretty colorful bug as far a bugs go.
    Nothing like a garden! It brings you so close to Mother Nature & a peaceful inner feeling. Ohh! I can just imagine that wonderful arroma in your house.


  2. Gorgeous shots! How wonderful to have a year round garden, that must be lovely. I love Fall baking, there is just something about those smells that is intoxicating, no matter the temp outside


  3. lovely photos – especially the door frame with the mushrooms. I know what you mean about your soul expecting the change in the air. At the moment we live in a subtropical environment and whilst everyone talks about the seasons, the changes are only very slight. Long live pumpkin bread! 🙂


  4. So that’s what beets look like! I have some at the same stage as yours but I forgot what I planted in what spot!
    I thought those were carrots.
    I need to plant some more arugula though. Watch out, it goes to seed quickly around here!


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