Festival Weekend


We had a busy weekend. Lots of fun at La Fete d' Ecologie Festival and Heritage Days. The first focused on learning about and protecting our wetlands and the second focused on folk art and craft demonstrations. I met a knitter and a homesteader. Yeah-hoo!! The knitter & I swapped emails and I got a beautiful new pattern to try out. The homesteader & I also swapped emails and he wants us to come out and see his farm and meet my beer brewing husband to talk about growing hops. 

The kids had a great time digging worms, seeing cool reptiles, watching crafters, talking about compost, painting murals, listening to awesome Cajun music and eating ice cream! I snapped as many pictures as possible while keeping track of them all and carrying Mr Three on my shoulders.

Mural Painting

Miss Six painting with her homeschool buddy.

The Boys

The boys love these big old trees.


A seasoned weaver working her magic…..

Carding Tools

Tools for carding cotton.


Cotton in a huge gourd.

Sleepy Chocolate Boy

My sleepy chocolate boy….

That Toothless Grin

I am LOVING this toothless ice cream grin!!

Acorn Hat

Finished up that acorn hat!

We ended the day sticky and hot and full of inspiration for creating. Good stuff!

5 thoughts on “Festival Weekend

  1. It’s a variation of this pattern from Dogs Steal Yarn…. I wrote about it in my ravelry projects. I can’t find a non ravelry source for the pattern…. but if you click on the “Find me on Ravelry” link on the upper left of my blog…. you’ll be able to find it 🙂


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