The furry kid……

Our dog, Sid, is a wee bit neurotic.

A bird dog by nature, he has been thrown into the job of herding four children. Which he does well. He has separation anxiety (see here) and can never decide which person to be with so he goes from place to place to check on everyone. At 10 pm he looks at Joe and sighs, and then goes to bed. Have you ever heard a dog sigh!?!?! This poor loyal pooch has lived in 6 different houses in the last 8 years and has never complained. Nor has he eaten our couch, so I assume he is pretty happy. 

He does weird things though. I wish I could keep track of them and remember them, but I don't even have a finished baby book around here, so a doggy book just isn't going to happen. So hopefully sharing this here will make it stick in my mind for years to come……….

I've posted several times about our slow draining old house pipes…… we decided to start using the old baking soda – vinegar – boiling water solution on a weekly basis this week. It helps. But the great part about it, is this::

dog in a tub

Super Sid

After pouring the baking soda & vinegar into the tub, we all went about our business…… and then there was scratching….. and whining……. and we all ran to the bathroom thinking the dog had been locked in, but no. He was standing in the tub scratching at the drain and whining and growling at it. He did not like the fizzy bubbly noise. He laid in there for fifteen minutes until I had to shoo him out to pour the boiling water down…. how weird is that?

The kids have decided that once a week drain cleaning will be great fun now that Sid likes it too!

4 thoughts on “The furry kid……

  1. That’s great! I sent it to Sam so she could see it’s not just her dog, who wakes her up shaking when the furnace comes on or a cell phone rings or beeps. Aren’t pets awesome!!!


  2. Otis sighs when he’s bored. Or when he’s been yelled at to go lay down. Its cute. Toby used to look at my mom right at 10pm and let her know he was going to bed lol. Even though toby has been gone for.. OMG 10 years. Til this day at 10pm we can hear the hallway creek as if toby was walking down the hall to my bedroom to go to bed.
    Springers are Awesome dogs 🙂


  3. If he’d been one of farmer Zuckerman dogs. He’d be “Some Dog”. Of course Sid would have to find his own spider to spell it out! Luckily, Ms 6 is a sure fit for Fern!!


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