Granola Recipe

As promised, here is my favorite granola recipe. I make a huge batch of this and then store it in mason jars to keep it fresh…..

(*I've made some tweaks as of 3/11 and added them in parenthesis with a "*")

Gypsy Mama's Granola

1/2 c honey
1/2 c maple syrup
1/2 c almond butter (*cashew, coconut butter & peanut butter will also work!)
1/4 cup milk or juice or a combo of both (*orange, apple & nut milks all work fabulous!)
4 Tbsp flour (*I've been using 3 Tbsp of coconut flour!)
1/2 c sunflower or walnut oil (*we started using coconut oil, so good!)
1 tsp vanilla extract (*or any flavor you like, Simply Organic is our favorite, you can make your own vanilla too!)
2 tsp ginger powder (*recently been adding a 1/2 tsp of cardamom too!)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
2 c coconut flakes
8 cups rolled oats (we've used 1/2 oats & half rolled barley & it worked perfectly)
1/2 c flax meal (*optional)
2 cups nuts ~ cashews, walnuts & almonds are our favorite. (* we started using 1 c nuts & 1 c seeds. We love sesame, sunflower & poppy)

~Mix together honey, maple syrup, almond butter, oil, water, vanilla & spices over medium heat until smooth. Stir flour and flax meal/seeds into the honey mixture. Mix oats, coconut & nuts into large bowl. Slowly add syrup mixture stirring until well coated. Spread thinly onto cookie sheet and bake at 350 stirring every ten minutes until granola is golden brown, approximately 30 minutes. Store in airtight jars after cooled thoroughly.

**If you don't like nuts, flax or coconut, don't add them! Feel free to adjust the spices & sweetness to your personal taste. And if you like raisins or or other dried fruits, toss 1-2 cups in with the granola once it has cooled. We love cranberries & cherries, but raisins are the best budget fruit to add. We've also been adding a TBSP of raw hemp seeds to our yogurt & granola…. and our oatmeal. Delicious!

Serve with homemade yogurt, of course! (It's almost as yummy as oatmeal.)

Happy Monday 🙂

15 thoughts on “Granola Recipe

  1. I love this granola. I have made it about 4-5 times in the last few months and it gets eaten so quickly. I have played with the variations some too. I have used Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and Cashew Butter. I like the Almond Butter the best. Love the coconut oil it adds such a good flavor. Thanks again for a this great recipe!


  2. Hay Brandon 🙂 I'm so glad you've enjoyed the granola! It is a good & versatile recipe. I've recently been adding sesame tahini, coconut butter, big flakes of unsweetened coconut & sesame seeds to this. So good! I'll have to post that recipe soon, it's our new favorite. The kids eat this by the handful…. which is messy, but a good snack.


  3. i made this today and it is exactly the recipe i’ve been searching for. thank you so much! this just moved up to the top of christmas give away list.


  4. Oh my! This is delish–going on out third batch now. So much better than most granola recipes I have tried. Bonus–it makes the house smell AMAZING!


  5. Every time my husband comes home when I've made a fresh batch, he says it's the best thing to come home to. It DOES smell amazing 🙂 So glad you are loving it, it's a staple here for sure!


  6. So I make your granola all the time and I’ve always ignored the water ingredient but this morning I thought I would finally ask-how much water do you add? It’s not listed in the ingredient list (unless it’s right in front of my face), but included with the wet/spice mix.


  7. This is such an old post…. I’m not even sure if it was a typo! Oh my. I use a newer granola recipe now, so I don’t use this one…. so I totally forgot! I do know there couldn’t have been more than a 1/4 cup or so added tot he liquid to make it easier to stir into the oats. (I’m going to edit this and take it out! lol)


  8. what!? you’re holding out on me!? what is this newer recipe you use now? because I just love this one. please share when you have a sec. Thanks! (oh, I just added a few tablespoons of water and it was much easier to incorporate).


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