a mini makeover

Sometimes, there’s just too much yellow.

I know you’ve all seen the picture of our screaming yellow bathroom. White and gold vanity. Peeling linoleum. Oh yes, and don’t forget the fabulous neon fish wallpaper border……….

fish border

Really, this picture does not do the colors any justice…… they were SO bright!

With the rest of the house looking better and better…. I had to give that bathroom a mini makeover. So for about $20 I did.

First the eldest scraped off all of the icky linoleum squares. Then I scrubbed the terrazzo with an sos pad and oxi clean……. then I patched about a hundred holes in the wall, redid some caulking, painted the ceiling, trim, walls and vanity. I spray painted the light fixture, towel rack and vanity handles an aged bronze color. And best of all, I made a shower curtain and mini curtains for the vanity. My only bad idea was attempting to replace one of those ceiling tiles. Don’t ever do that unless you want to replace the whole ceiling!! Yikes! But after ending up with insulation in my hair, eyes, shirt, everywhere…… I did get the tile mostly back in…… and with a little paint you can hardly tell…… (really honey I promise!)

And if you need motivation…. just save the sewing project for the end, because that’s the best part! 

So here it is, my mini makeover. A bathroom I can live with until we have the time and money to really make it over….. no more yellow….. no more peeling off tiles…… no more gold and white. And best of all no more neon fish! (sorry fishies!)

mini makeover 1

mini makeover 2

the shower curtain

The paint color was a mix of the blue from the living room and white trim paint. It’s a light smoky blue. The vanity was painted with leftovers from the doors in the den. And the vanity and shower curtains were made from a vintage pillowcase and flat sheet. I didn’t want to look at the shower curtain rod, so I made the shower curtain with hidden tabs on the backside to hang it up… and since you can’t see them, and I didn’t want to press and sew a bunch of tabs….. I cut them with pinking shears and sewed them on….. I’m a cheater, I know. I measured to make sure there were tabs at the beginning, end and in between all the hangars so it would pull open easily. And that’s a clear vinyl shower curtain for the inside.


It’s surprisingly hard to photograph a little bathroom with no natural light…… but hey, I tried πŸ™‚ 

**And if you noticed the toilet with no tank cover, it’s still on backorder from this event.

** And another funny thing, the sideways toilet paper holder…….. this keeps my wild man from unrolling the WHOLE roll……. yes he’s a funny one!

11 thoughts on “a mini makeover

  1. You seriously inspire me. I have waited years for my husband to do simple things like that. I guess I just need to get in and do it myself. Do you know how to cut door jams and baseboards? LOL j/k


  2. Wow!! I keep getting more & more impressed with your wonderful creative ideas & hard work.
    My son gets home from Iraq, today. I will be at the airport to greet this afternoon.


  3. It was no “Mini” make over! It may have been minor… In which case I quote an old boss…..”Got a minor problem, I’ve got a Miner solution!”
    Looks great!


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